Monday, August 20, 2012

Read for the Gold 5k and training

So a few weeks ago I decided I wanted to get back into a race.  It has been 2 months since my last race, I had when scheduled in between that time but I had an anxiety attack about it in the morning and chickened out of going.  So since my last race 2 months ago I have had some major struggles and training has not been going great.  I basically was doing no workout and just running whatever I could, when I could.  But since I decided I wanted to race I first made the goal that I had to run a timed mile first.  However I didn't feel ready for a full mile so I compromised last week and ran a half mile time.  I was hoping to break 3:30 possibly run 3:20 and instead I pulled out a 3:04.  This gave me the confidence to come out last week and do a full mile timed.  When I went out I really had no clue what I was capable of so I was hoping for a goal between 6:30-6:50 and shockingly went 6:14 (3:08, 3:06).  So with this run I decided this weekend I would enter a small race.

So for the race, I needed to find one that my mom could drive me to, so it needed to be kinda localish, but I am not ready for local races yet.  So I found one in a town, Waverly, just shy of an hour away from the house.  It also had a walk that my mom could have done if she wanted so I thought it was a good pick.  However, there was not much information on this race at all.  So I had no clue what the range and how many runners would be there.  The race was called Read for the Gold 5k. 

So as usual we get to the race an hour before the race starts.  Then about 10-15 minutes later more people start to arrive.  And of course I was people watching, looking for people that looked like they could run fast, or had the confidence that they thought they were going to win.  I found this one lady that was in her 40's that just looked like she was an unbelievable runner (she parked beside us).  Later she pulled out her iphone or whatever device to listen to music so I then wasn't sure since she had music, so now my thoughts were just so so on her.  There also were some high schoolers there, but none of them really looked like they were amazing runners and from the starting I found out it was one of the girls' first race ever.

SO on the starting line I started to kinda panic, because I realized that I forgot to give my mom my good luck hug, and she was nowhere to be found.  So I had to block out the thought of that but lucky they were blocked because of the high schoolers freaking out over the race.  When the race went off I had about 10 people in front of me around 400 meters into the race, but i knew not to panic because most of them were high schoolers so they were going to go out too hard.  Of those people there were only 2 girls ahead of me.  So by the time we got around the half mile I had passed everyone but one high school boy.  I could tell as we ran we were dropping the field behind us pretty fast  I hit the first mile around 6:20(the watch said 6:18 but I wasn't sure of the exact spot of the mile so I used the far end of the aid station)..... (3rd place in the race was 1:36 behind me.  So it was just me and this high schooler.  The course was a course where we had to run 2 laps of the same thing.  On the first lap I was around 20 seconds behind the guy and as it was going I didn't think I had a chance to beat him but i noticed that towards the end of that loop I had diminished his lead to only about 10 seconds.  So I then thought to myself, if I can get him before the 2 mile mark (about 3/4 a mile away), then I could possibly win the whole race.  But I knew if I didn't catch him before the 2 mile mark I really didn't have a chance with the kick that he had and with my no kicking ability.  A couple times in the second looped I pulled up to within 2-3 seconds of him, one of those times that I had got close to him just happened to be at the 2 mile mark and then possible 20 seconds later I realized I had not looked at my watch so I looked back to see how far away the table seemed to be and I guessed that it would have been close to 13:00.  I stayed focused on him though but I knew that if I couldn't get past him pretty fast I didn't stand a chance against a high school boy at the end of a race ( I've been out kicked by too many people to count in my life).  During this loop I was just paying too much attention to my watch I kept looking and trying to guess what my time would be because I was trying so hard to beat my time that I last raced at over 2 months ago (20:20)... I kinda gave up on chasing him in the last 800 meters and was more focused on beating the watch.  Then with about 400 meters to go his high school coach told him to kick in hard, at this point his lead was about 5 seconds.  Then all of a sudden he just disappeared, I couldn't see him at all.  So I thought for sure he had gotten under 20 mins.  And was shocked to find out he only beat me by 15 seconds in the end for his 20:03 to my 20:18.  My 20:18 was a female course record.  If you look at it the race kinda ended like an elite 1500 meter race.. just run and then sprint the last 400, however, he had about a 5 second head start and gaped it clear up to 15 by the end.

I was so overjoyed with this race.  Yes I know there are those people that will look at my time and say but you can run 2 minutes faster then that, why would you be happy.  Well only I know what I am going through and have to deal with every second of every day.  My life has been a real struggle for the last few years, each day is a struggle to get through and some I don't think I will get through and because they are so bad I am not even able to run on quite a few days.  Only I know what my training, or more like lack of training has been.  So to me this race was a success.  And to stop the rumors going around I NEVER said anything negative about my race.  Heck, I was so thrilled with it I slept the last few nights with the trophy.  It means more then anyone could understand right now.  For to be going what I am going through and to come out of the race being: 2nd Overall, 1st Female, and a course record in 20:18.  Is more then I could have imagined for.

PS Huge shout out to my mom for being there with me and being my biggest supporter... My mom rocks.

I found out after the race that I had ran a female course record.  Since there was not much information about the race I have no clue what the course record previously was.