Monday, April 4, 2011

Slowly coming back to it... 5k at 6:51/mile

Photos taken by Karsten Brown

In case you did not know I had to completely stop running for a few months. I first started back for about 3.5 weeks with just allowed to run 1 mile, then that got upped to 2 miles. So I have been running for about a total of 5 weeks now. Well on Thursday I decided to test myself. I have not timed my runs or ran speed workouts or anything, but I figured why not test yourself. So I got permission to go from 2 miles a day to Wednesday 1 mile, Thursday 3 miles, and Friday 1 mile. However, I didn't mention a race was involved, because I didn't want anyone to know. I went in with the mind frame of hoping I could run 23 minutes (kinda hard mentally to go from running a 18:19 to hoping for a 23 minute 5k). But that was the goal I set for myself that I felt was still realisitic off of no training.

Thursday morning comes and at our place all the kids are here on Wednesday so the daughers' room I am staying was there that night and she has to get up around 5 ish to get over to her school. Well I woke up around 3 ish... decided to take some OTC sleeping pills, but instead of tossing and turning and keeping her up I left and went downstairs to the couch. Unfortuantely I never found anymore sleep that night/morning. S

So my race was at Noon so I have to be there by 11 AM. It was on the campus of George Mason in Manassas which all the maps were saying that is about 30 minutes away from Vienna but in NOVA that means you need to normally triple the time but since it was at an off hour and I was headed away from the city I just doubled the time but then still decided to leave at 9:30 AM. Well of course I got there really early and when I knew I was in the Manassas area I decided to look at some stores for awhile. Then I finally made my way over to the race start just before 11 AM. Then waited in my car until 11 AM because I wasn't sure when registration opened.

At the registration table some guy that I didn't realize at the time, that was heading the event asked me about The Glass City Marathon because I had my jacket on. I got my number, 76 and found the bathroom and went on my way. When I was sitting in my car my anxiety was so HIGH I was shaking all over. Finally it was time for me to go warm-up. I only warmed-up 6 minutes because I have not been running that far so I didn't want to wear myself out. Then 10 minutes before the race I called my day to tell him I love him (race tradition) but he didn't realize my race was in 10 minutes he thought it was a day or 2 away and I was like NO 10 minutes.

Race weather dampish on and off drizzle and COLD, I wore 2 weathered shirts for the race. We get to the race start and the guy briefs us and I was like WTFreak. He was telling us to be careful because the woods were wet and such. I had NO clue this was a partial trail race. So I am at this point thinking there goes the whole time goal thing. Then at this point I look up ans see someone wearing a 100 miler shirt and see the pony tail and at this point realize it must be Karsten Brown, a good local runner in the area that ranges from short races to ultras, and good at all distances. But I don't want to bother to see if my suspicions were true over who he was at this point. So the race goes off right into the mud. I don't know if the first mile was mismarked or if it was because the trails it just ran that slow but I was 7:12 at the mile mark. At this point in the race I was in second and now I knew I wasn't going to catch first. SO I went from just keep trying to attack slowly in my head, to saying my Mantra of SCBFR. However, the mantra didn't last long before the negative voices started playing in my head. They were just plain awful and I know where the originally message came from but I just can't get those words out of my head. I was saying awful things to myslef during the race about the race that I would NEVER say to anyone so why was I saying them to myself. Well, either the 2 mile wasn't marked or I was just too much in my head with the negative thoughts, but I never saw it. The next thing I remember realizing was that my watch was saying 18-19 minutes and I realized where we were compared to where the finish line was and was shocked and now I was just doing everything not to get passed in the last just over a quarter mile. The finish line is in sight and I look down at my watch and am like WTFreak 21s. How'd that happen.

Officially, I ended with a 21:13 for 6:51/mile pace. I was the second female, only the winner got an award. And I was 10th overall in the race. After the race I went up to Karsten and talked to him. He informed me that the race was closer to 3 miles than 5k but with the muddy trails it ran like a 5k. So give and take. But anyways I was very content with how I ran and where I am coming out to start at. However, I am not happy with my negative self-talk during the race. I have got to figure out how to turn that around. FAST! But I am already looking forward to my next 5k race on the ROADS. Depending on the course I think I will set the goal this time to just break 22 minutes. I also need to control my anxiety better, had to take extra meds it was so high. So for the next race I have a few things to work on and maybe I will do a speed play session or two before then.

Oh and I am looking forward to my next ultra. I am thinking if things go right possibly in October?!? The one I really want to do looks like they are not having this year, but I think I already know what I will pick as my alternate if they are not having it.

Thanks for reading. So GLAD to be back to racing! Sorta.

A New Start

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