Thursday, October 22, 2009

Time in Idaho

**This is unfinshed and unedited, late and all over the place but I thought some might like to hear what went on in Idaho.

Well since I have some free time and i haven't done a very good job of keeping everyone up to date on what has been going on with me in my final preparations for the World Trophy 50k Championship. Back in September around the 27th I came out to Idaho to train with my coach Lisa Smith-Batchen for WTC. My first run here was an eventful one. Mohamad, winner of the Marathon des Sables was out here for a camp the Dreamchaser Events were putting on. Well we went out on a long run that was suppose to run 22-24 miles. And things were going great. Coach was crewing us along with her husband Jay and well then things turned for the worse. See there is a bit of a communication barrier between Mohamad and myself. And when he told me we were back at the house I said no that couldn't be we hadn't been out there for long enough and so we kept running for another 50 minutes that is. Until I just couldn't do it. I knew something wasn't right and I should not be running any further. But foward we went walking now. At this point we had both been out of water and calories for an hour. Then Mohamad flagged someone down in his car who just happened to be a biker and had water he could give us. So that got us off for a little while. So onward we went still looking for the house (at least in my head) until we ran out of water again this time we were able to make some communication and it wasn't good news. Mohamad said back when he told me that was the house that it was back that way. So we turned aound and stated to walk. Eventually Mohamad took off running back but soon after Coach came out with her van. We had been out fom 11 am to 4 pm. It might sound like fun but when it's your first day in a new place it's not so much fun. I can look back and laugh now but not at the time it happened.

So things got better I was able to learn my way around for the most part. With a few exceptions..... LMFAO..... Let's just say during camp I was never allowed to lead. So as I said coach, Jay and Joe and the Dreamchasers had a camp going on during my stay here that I was able to participate in some of. During that time i go to run on some trails and even some sand dunes. I met some great people.

During my stay here I also got to run with some great people. As said earlier Mohamad, as well as Jay, Joe an unbelieveable guy that works for them, a guy that also coaches named Ryan who helped me out a lot, Kathy an unbelieveable nice lady, and Mike a really nice ultra runner friend of Jay and Coach.

I also did somethings that I hadn't done in years, I got out and did some things. One thing was during camp we went out to a bar called the Cowboy Bar (no I didn't drink) but they had seats like a saddle (no I would not sit on one either). Then I went out to dinner and a movie with 2 of Jay and Coach's friends. (it's been forever since I've done something like that) I also went out to the drive in movies with Coach and the family. Also I made dinner with Joe for a few people and we will never discuss anything about a wooden spoon. We also had dinner at friends houses or thier house with others quite a few times. Another thing I did was go shopping with coach and her adorable daughters and found 2 pair of jeans at a 2nd hand store that fit (for now).

Believe it or not I also did some running while I was out here. I ran a marathon in Boise my 2nd week here and won it and set a personal record in 3:01:43. I did my first workout of hill repeats. I ran up my first mountain. Ran my first sand dunes. And the worst part of running.... tapering.... :(

Also one of my main reasons for coming here working on my eating disorder. I have made tremendous progress in this. I have gained the required weight. And have been eating 3 meals and 3 snacks a day. I have not done that since leaving Remuda Ranch last year in August. I have ate out at restaurants, haven't done that in years either.