Monday, June 29, 2009

Hyde Park Blast Elite 4 Miler

Race- Hyde Park Blast 4 mile Elite Race (Cincinnati)
Date- June 27, 2009 9:15am
Time- 24:38 (6:09.5 pace)
Place- 9/17 in the elite race(female) 11th/1205 in both races(female)
Temp- 80's hot and humid
Course- A lot of people said it was a tough course and that is all I heard about, although there were 2 BIG hills I didn't think the course was that bad at least not to 2 different courses I have ran in Maryland. I don't know even the Kenyan winner complained about the hill but I just didn't seem to have a huge problem (Well i don't remember one, more to come on that later) (Mind you normally I call a seed bump a hill. I have always stunk at running hills) (on a side note we did have 3 speed bumps we had to go over that were not colored and you couldn't see them a teammate tripped on them.) I don't know supposedly it is a tough course I was just rearing myself for the worse and was surprised by how it just felt like a fair course. Even though some of the to finishers are super slow compared to their normal races.

We got up at 4:35 am to head down to Cincinnati. We got there about 7:10 and had an excellent parking spot. So we went and got our number and that was a trip....LOL we waited in line to be told elite athletes have to go see this other lady. Well that got sorted out and we went back to our car with lots of time to do nothing so we sat there and then decided to go over to the restroom and that was a walk away. We got back and I finished up my breakfast (reduced fat PB sandwich and a banana). At 8 am we decided to go down and watch the start of the open race. I knew the girl that beat me at the 10k and the girl I barely beat at the 10k were in it. As we went down I ran in to Krista well I saw her and I knew who she was because she used to beat me in road races. I asked Dad should I go wish her luck, I really didn't know her just knew of her, he said yea. She was rally nice so we talked for awhile then we stayed together and tried to find the other girls on our team (Beth and Paige). We found them and watched the finish of the open race.

We warmed up and I didn't realize until now typing this that we warmed up 15 min too early for my normal routine. I wondered how we had 30 mins left until race start when normally I start 30 mins before the race warming up, I didn't figure it out until now. I think the fact that the race started at 9:15 threw me off. But it was nice to have people to warm up we followed a group on Kenyans and got in trouble a couple time by the police for running in the roads.

We hung out for awhile at the start. At the start our team lined up on the very back line. I had thought I was honestly going to be dead last. I was scared. The race got started and not a hlaf mile into the race I had "bladder problems" the first time ever.

1st mile-5:45- slower then I had hoped for especially since this was basically a flat mile.

2nd mile- 6:28 (12:14) was mentally prepared for this to be slow- before the race Krista's husband had said that the third mile was fast then he goes well maybe the 2nd mile was slow so I was mentally prepared for this. what I wasn't prepared for was my contact problems-My contact with up to the top of my eye and I couldn't get it back into place I messed with this for over a mile before I just gave up and went with one contact- talking freaky uneven feeling-apparently there was a big hill this mile but I was too concerned with my contact to remember the hill- still "bladder problems"

3rd mile- 6:02(18:16)- it was really weird came around the corner and looked up and swear the clock said 18:76, 77, 78 etc and thought weird or I had just ran a really slow mile and was suppose to say 19:16 but then got closer and saw that a tree was blocking it and it was actually a zero- passed a girl that had a guy running with her- he was in the mens race and seemed to have stopped to go potty then just joined her for the rest of the race- first girl that I had really seen since the first mileish.-still "bladder problems"-

4th mile- 6:21 (24:38)- the girl passed me back and this is the mile that had the huge hill so I thought there was no chance to get her back but then in the middle of the hill she started to fall apart and the guy with her yelled don't you dare walk this and then then we crested a little part of it and she looked up and asked if that was the top and then took off sprinting and that was it for her. Then there was a normal size uphill before the downhill finish.

Feelings- not sure how I feel- not upset- but not happy- just ok with it- My Uncle and Dad both think it was the best race I have had so far based on other people in the race- but it's not a PR

Team Results/Race- I am so proud of our team, we all did so well!! Way to go ladies!!

However what I don't like is the fact that at the race we were told we were 3rd and he'd mail us the money and it was posted at first like that online then later in the day everything changed. And a new team appeared that is called Cincinnati Track Club however 2 of them were invited athletes one from Kenya and one from Michigan and the other is a runner quite possibly he knows. This team did not exist until after the results were up. Also what makes it worse is with our first girl we could have beat them I am just not good enough to run with other teams first girls.

But our team went:
9th- Me 24:38
13th- 25:46
14th 25:58
15th 25:59

Some stats- The girl that beat me at Columbus 10k by 42 seconds was in the open race and beat me by 29 seconds this time so rather close proportionally.
-The girl I beat by 12 seconds at the 10k ran the open race and I beat her this time by 35 seconds

Sunday, June 21, 2009

5k+, Mud and Wind

Race- Run for the Roses 5k+
Weather- very windy and hot and humid
Course- Longer then 5k, included some grass and mud
Place- 1st female, 5th overall
Official time- 19:06(long)- 3.1plus time 18:55
Award-$100, big Plaque, gift bag (nutrition stuff)
Feelings/Thoughts- not upset but not happy just satisfied

Well my week and some started out pretty good then became a rough week.
Saturday- 20 miles slow just to finish
Sunday- just suppose to be a medium run day- 10 miles- 1:14:55
Monday- went up to Westerville to run with team- ran approx 8.83 miles at 60 mins for 6:47 pace(at times even faster then this)-2 extra on own-total of 10.83 miles- this would set me up for heat exhaustion which ruined the rest of my week of training
Tuesday- 4.67 mile- so slow couldn't keep anything down no energy super sick-
Wednesday- Just run (slow) except run 3 of the hills hard (3:30, 0:47, 2:57)
Thursday- suppose to just run slow but keep it faster then 8:30- Well for 8 miles on the loop course I went 1:03:33 (24:08, 7:50, 8:03, 23:31) tough one felt like I was going faster then 7:56 pace- BLah
Friday- 4 miles- 4x30 sec

So the week started off on a high note and then fell apart, no speed work no tempo no nothing later in the week.

Well we got to the race and they actually had a pretty good goodie bag! yea!
Well warm-up time came and i could tell from the start I was off. Earlier this week I had decided I really didn't want to run this race but Mom and Dad had already paid for it so there was no choice. So my warm-up went pretty crappy but I ran into my Uncle who was on the bike and we tried to figure out the course because it seemed to be different from what he remembered the previous year. We couldn't figure it out, there was construction going on and there were cones everywhere in the grass on the bike path in the parking lot we had no clue what was going on. All I knew is my legs felt heavy and sluggish. i changed shoes and got into my racing flats and did my strides well they didn't feel too good either.

So we went over to the start area and there were people everywhere nobody knew wherre the start was. Finally they are going to start the race and some lady realizes nobody knows where the start is so she takes us up to this grass section. Then we run onto the bike path but you aren't on the bike path for more then 50 meters before you have to get off twice because of the slippery mud covering it so instead you had to go down in the muddy grass. Well I got lucky my Uncle showed up he put on his GPS and rode to the half mile marks ahead of the race, I was off from the start. I had wanted to be faster at the mile then I was at the mile at the 10k(5:44) but nope I was 5:50. little bummed. I could hear no one behind me so I just started focusing on the guys in front of me not knowing who they were at the time. at 1.4 miles or so we went up a hill and a guy passed me(I believe the eventual winner) and my uncle tried to get me to race him HAHA. I actually held my groud though!!! So I just kept focusing in front of me when my Uncle told me one of the guys I was focusing on was a consistant 18:20-18:40 and on May 25th he went 18:37 at the same race I went 19:03. So I focused on him now and got to the 2 mile mark and it said 12:05 or 6:15 hmmm... Well the guy was ggetting closer and we were against a strong wind so my Uncle started to tell me when to surge because the wind would come and I wouldn't be able to. I passed the guy around 2.5 or so and my Uncle kept telling me I had to go because this guy kicks like crazy. well as you finish you get to look staright ahead at the finish line 50 meteres away but then have to make a right hand turn up this hill around a parking lot and back down then finish. well I thought for sure the guy would come bakk on the hill but no my Uncle said I stood my ground again. Well then I knew he would blow past me at the finish but no he never came apparently he finished 5-10 seconds behind me.

So I finished and they gave me a time of 19:06, I was disappointed with it, well not upset but just like ok, I can do better. Well I go over and get treats and stuff and talk to the guy behind me. he never runs 19's he was surprised to see that time and unhappy. Well eventually I make it back to my Uncle and he told me that 3.1plus was where he stopped his bike and I was 18:55 so the course was a little long. But they told us it was a certifield course but they had to alter it, so it no longer was, because of downed trees. So not to bad 18:55 I'll take it for the way I was feeling this week and with the way my legs felt pre-race.

I was less the a minute from winning the race out right and was over 3 minutes ahead of the 2nd place female.

1- 5:50
2- 12:05 (6:15)
3.1plus 7:01 19:06 but actual 5k was 18:55

Next up, next weekend, is a joke I have to run a 4 mile race for my team and we are in the elite race! LOL those women a crazy fast on a crazy hard course. I am going to come in Dead Freaking Last, DFL, but will take the hit for the team. After that I am not sure what other races I will run but the race I will be shooting for is my next 50k in August (although the 50k is 31.9 miles this time instead of 31.1)

Hmmmm,... I think that is it Good Luck to all CRC team members for next week...and all Western State ruuners

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Columbus 10k

What can I say but I probably had the race of my life so far.

Race: Columbus 10k
Date: June 7, 2009
Time- 38:29 PR
Course: rolly
Place: 5th female 39/579 finishers overall
Award: $75 and pint glass

Well the day started off bad. My uncle was coming to our house to follow us up and I was going to ride with him. Well he was 10 minutes late and I like to at least be an hour early to races. By the time we got there we were 10-15 minutes late. Then we went to registration and that was crazy but we got out of there and by the time we walked back to where we had parked I had 2 minutes until my warm up should start. So I got a short stretch then while warming up I found out the race started at the other side of the building so I had to go tell my Dad and Uncle and stop to get my stuff for them to carry. Then I had to make my last trip to the restroom. So my warm up got interrupted for the 2nd time.

Then over at the start I was doing my run throughs and such on the one side of the pack where everyone that looked fast was warming up. My dad then told me that the star was on the other side so I had to make my way around everyone. When I got around everyone I found my teammates with the exception of Courtney our top girl, but I thought maybe she was still warming up. I knew she had bronchitis but it wasn't until after the race had started that I found out she wasn't running. So together on the starting line it was me, Jess, Beth and Paige. we were about a foot back off the starting line to start with, which is where about we belonged because I didn't know how the order would go but I knew the 4 of us would be 38-39 minutes. While on the starting line we got pushed back about 5 rows by a bunch of guys. (This is where the second comes in the time discrepancy).

So the race started off and there was this women that looked really good(I picked her to win before the race). She was from the second sole team. So we went off and at about a half a mile I was sitting in the 4th spot but I thought my legs just didn't have it I thought I was running 6:05-6:15 for the first mile because I was so far behind 1st and 2nd place. They had to have been like 5:15 and 5:20 at the mile mark because I ended up being 5:44 which was only 9 second off what I ran in high school. LOL. So I was like ok and kept going. But it was strange by the quarter mile mark my mouth was completely dry like cotton mouth. Well right before the 3 mile mark a girl from the Earth Drummers team passed me. Now I was worried because I was running first girl for our team and both of the teams I thought existed had there first girls ahead of me and there was no chance of catching the first women she was gone. But I kept my eye on the ED girl but she was running with a guy and I was so frustrated because I was alone. Then I saw the guy start pulling away from her so I tried to close the gap I closed it back to probably 20-30 seconds at one point but with the pick up she picked up another 15-25 seconds in the finishing kick. As I approached the 5th mile I knew I cuold not catch up to her so I started to relax.

So as I was just focused where I was I knew I was running a PR and at 30 minutes into it or so I looked at my watch and saw baring a disaster I was going to run in the 38's my goal. So I was just going along then just after 5 miles I see my Uncle come running up the road towards me as I make a left hand turn on to the bike path way from him (my Dad was trying to get theree too). But my Uncle screamed out probably the most important thing he could have at that point. He screamed think of the girls behind you. Making me realize somone is coming. So I told myself you have no kick you need to stay strong the last mile plus. So as i am trying to finish strong with about .2 left a group of people starting screming and cheering so loud for "Heather" I thought at this point I was done. I knew I had no kick and there was nothing I could do if she caught me, which by the sound of their voices seemed like it was going to happen any second. They were so excitedly cheering her on.

I didn't look up to see the finish until about 50 meters from the finish. We never passed a 6 mile mark so I was off on how close I was to the finish. And I just felt it coming I thought for sure I was a sitting duck but no. No one came. I saw the time and was so estatic, they annouced me over the loud speaker. I had finished 5th place female. And since Courtney and others did not show up I was first girl on our team. I got out of the shoot and found my Dad and Uncle to watch our team all pile in together. Jess, then Paige, then Beth. If it was a 4 girl cross country meet we would have won easily but that was not the case it was based on the top 4 girls times added up and well. Earth Drummers had beat us at both the 1st and 2nd spots but we beat them at the 3rd and 4th spots. Second sole ended up not having a team (Thank Goodness). So we had no clue who won until later at Jim Jurevich's house at his BBQ for the team. Someone asked and we found out our team had won! Later I found out we had only won by about 1:25, too close but we pulled it off. Had we had Courtney like planed (before she got sick) we would have won easily by about 5 minutes and would have beat them in all 4 spots.

Our Team went(I think):
5th- Me 38:30
7th Jess 38:58
8th Paige 39:21
10th Beth 40:07
(2:36:56 vs ED 3:38:21 vs another teams 3:42:38)
16th Jamie 42:32

Way to go ladies we rocked!!! Close finish but we pulled it off!!!! We all did awesome and almost 4 of us got our PR's. I already tried to discredit the course but we had a teammate with GPS and it came up exactly right. So our team did awesome!

I set some major PR's along the way.
1st mile- 5:44 (9 slower seconds then my high school PR from April 2000)
2nd mile- 6:11 --> 11:55 PR (by 2 second over my high school time of May 2000)
3rd mile- 6:08--> 18:04 PR (by 20 seconds over 5k race from May 25 2009)
5k- 18:40-PR --> (by 23 seconds over old PR set May 25 2009)
4th mile- 6:18--> 24:22 PR (by 49 seconds over old PR set during half marathon April 5 2009)
5th mile- 6:27--> 30:49 PR (by 53 seconds over old PR at same half marathon April 5 2009)
10k- (1.2plus)- 7:40-- 38:29> PR (by 56 seconds over old PR at the half April 5 2009)

I am so thankful to God for this race. I was hoping and praying just for even 38:58. And to run 38:29 wow what a blessing! I still need to learn to push myself or make myself feel pain. Everyone talks about how much they were hurting and how much it hurts to run and such. But I have only once ever felt that pain and that was when I finished 3rd at USA Nationals in the 50k. But besides at the end of that race I have never been where I just feel like the race hurts and am dead afterwards. I got 3.3 cool down but I missed going with the team but I found Paige and got to run with her some and then I got to run with Beth some.

The award ceremony was nice. It was out looking the river and we sat on these grass/cement huge step/bleacher thingies.

After the awards ceremonies a lot of us girls were talking and we had not really heard of the first 4 girls so I did some research to find out more about them.

1st Place- Sarah Flament- 35:30-
-Top Ohio Female at Boston with a 2:54
-Trying to qualify for the 2012 Olympic trials in the marathon
-Top American finisher at the Ogden 20k 1:17:40
-17:20, 1:22:40

2nd Place- Amy Robillard- 36:15
-This one threw me a bit I found results at a bunch of different states then I found ladies with different ages. So I think all I have onn her is a 1:22:58, 2:59:34

3rd Place- Katie Navarre- 36:30 a junior at Denision
-Track 2009- 35:58, 17:12- 6th place in the 10k at Nationals and 5th place in the 5k at Nationals
-Cross Country- 9th at Nationals

4th Place- Carrie Birth- 37:47
-All I can figure is she is having a break out year! The best times I could find on her were 18's for 5k 60's for 15k and 1:27's for the half

I would definitely have to say this was the race of my life so far. My Uncle said this is the best race he has ever seen me run. I was so happy with my race to finish in the top 5 and get money and then for our team to finish in first topped it off! What a great day in Columbus for a lot of us! The Columbus Running Company put on a fantastic race!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Disappointing 5k PR

Race- Lancaster Memorial Day 5k
Date- Monday May 25th, 2009
Time- 19:03
Place- 2nd female- 18th overall (worst overall so far this year Sunday will be worse though)
Award- $75

On May 17th I ran 5 miles with my Uncle Tom then he biked 5 miles while I ran 5 more. During the run we talked about the Memorial Day race that was coming up on the 25th and how last year it was won it 21:08 and Brooke was 2nd last year pushing the baby stroller in 21:16. At that point the race cost $10 but I didn't have that much money in my bank account from the 4 weeks I went without subbing so my Uncle said if I wanted he would pay for me (Later we found out the price went up to $15 the day of the race so my Dad ended up paying for it) But I had 2 problems on Monday the 11th my throat started to hurt and it became a cold/infection that I still have today. It really didn't effect my training until Wednesday. Then on Thursday I tried to do a workout of 10 miles with 3 mile at a good pace. Well I started out running and had pain in my right knee and hamstring but I pushed through the first hard mile and pushed on to attempt a 2nd hard mile then during that one the hamstring pain got too great. I had to pull up and slow down I decided to take the short way in and cut off 2 miles. as I slowed down my hips started to hurt. I was a mess I just thought it was a really bad day and let it go, until the next day when I subbed and nothing really hurt, so I got home and looked at my shoes. To my surprise they were worn out I had worn the back part of the rubber sole completely off them ( I am not sure how long i was running on them like this). With the cold and the aches I was not able to get in any real training runs the remainder of the time up until the race. (But my parents bought me a new pair of shoes on the 20th for an early birthday present)

Even though I had a cold/infection and the aches from the shoes we were going to do the race because the awards for the top three were $100, 75, 50 and last year the winning time was 21:08 and we knew even though I hadn't trained in days and had been sick and have not done speed work in years We knew I could run that time. Well on Saturday the 23rd, Dad had me do just 1 mile hard to see what I could do during my 10 mile run. I ended up running it in 5:51, I have not broke 6:00 for a mile in over 8.75 years. My PR in the 5k was 8.75 years old so we thought maybe I had a chance to go for it. My previous PR was 19:15.

Going into the race I set the goal of breaking 19:00 and winning and getting the $100. Unfortunately as we pulled into the parking spot I learned that one of those things would not be possible because I saw one of my new teammates Courtney Q. (She is an amazing runner and a 16:30 hopeful).
So now the race was for 2nd place and breaking 19:00. Well the wind was not much but just enough the whole last .85 miles that I knew I might be a battle to break it. I knew for the first mile I needed to be under 6:00 to have any chance to break 19. We started out at the very beginning kinda slow so I pushed the pace a little knowing clear and well I wasn't going to win but knowing that I needed that time. The school lane is .75 miles almost exactly I managed to hang with everyone and the lead pack for about .65 miles then this big gap just opened up in front and behind me. I was all alone (like normal). I hit the mile mark at 5:50 (all right I was on pace to break 19) Then I don't know but I lost focused might have been having a bad ADD day but I completely lost track of what I was doing the next miles was 6:17 now I knew there was no chance of getting under 19 but knew I still had a chance for a PR. so I pushed on. Then we headed into that little bit of wind there was. I saw my time hitting the lane with .75 miles to go and knew I need a sub 6:00 min pace to get under 19 and with the wind it wasn't going to happen but I fought my hardest. I started catching people on the way in or at least getting close to them. as I got in there I saw there clock and if I had done any speed work I might have been able to get it I just stared at the clock watching as I finish it flip over to 19 mins I finished with a 6:55 1.1 plus miles for 19:03. A PR yes but not as good as I was hoping for.

I learned at the finish that our guys there were three of them there went 1-2-3 (Eric, Matt, and Dave), and there were some good runners there and some from another store team. The 2 of us girls that were there went 1-2. So as a team the Columbus Running Company took 5/6 of the top spots and there were only 5 of us there. After the race I caught the group talking and they were going for a cool down so I asked if I could go with them as long as I could stay with them. Well staying with them was the thing. We went out and the slowest mile we did the first one was 7:30 and we jut got faster from there. I stayed with the group until the last maybe 100 meters when they started to pull away but one of the guys Dave stayed back and talked to me. Of course I ran behind the guys trying to keep up and Courtney ran beside the guys so i didn't get to talk to her. After the race I got to talk to her a little bit. She ended up running around a 17:50 with no competition and was upset with it knowing that her 10k pace is faster then that. but she also knows her training is not where she wants it yet because of coming back from an injury. Look for big things from her when she starts to get her training up to where it should be!!!

So to sum it up, it was my first race as being 27 years old and my first race as part of the Columbus Running Company's team. I finished with a PR at 19:03, not as fast as I had hoped for but considering the previous 2 weeks training and infection/cold not so bad. Didn't get the win or the $100 but got 2nd place and $75. So I am mixed about the race I am disappointed I didn't reach either goal of breaking 19:00 or winning but did get a PR. So I am not sure if I am happy or not. Two weeks to go of training for this short stuff and it's back to ultra training!!!!

1st mile- 5:50
2nd mile- 6:17 (12:07)
1.1plus- 6:55 (19:03)