Monday, January 12, 2015

Short 2014 Wrap-Up

I have been trying to figure out for awhile if I should write this or not.  There is no ultra content very few and slow races.  But in March I decided I would go back to January when I kinda/sort of/ not really got back into running after basically stopping for a few years due to health reason and other negative things people don't want to talk about.  So in March I went around and found a bunch of place to keep my running miles logged online. (My dad keeps track of it in my running journal). I finally settled on one called Running Ahead. So I went back and put all my miles starting in January and going up to the current time in March.

So in January I was basically starting off like a new runner-

In Jan- I got a total of 57 miles for the month

In Feb- I got 72 miles for the month

In March I made it up to 145 miles for the month

In April I decided to try a 5k and it was a personal worst approx 25:46.  These was a huge let down and things got bad for me.  I love running when I can run fast.  And now I was slower then I thought I could ever run again.  So I gave myself a few days to think about it because I was seriously thinking about quitting running for the rest of my life.  I just moped through running the next couple of days and tried to decided if I can work harder and maybe improve with time or was I never going to be able to run fast again so I should just quit.  We decided to push on because we thought there might be one thing causing this. I was constantly feeling tired the last couple of months. I would come back from a run and just lay in my bed for 3 hours hoping to fall asleep.  So we decided to try taking an iron supplement.

In the month of April I got 175.5 miles

A few weeks into taking the iron my everyday pace had dropped drastically and it was fun again. So at the end of the month I decided to try another 5k and I just had a goal to try to run in the 24s.  I ended up running 23:10.

In the month of May I got 205 miles

In June I faced a new challenge I was puking on every single run and struggling to find out why this was happening but it was cutting into my miles and runs drastically

In the month of June I got 175 miles

The puking continued this in July

In the month of July I got 193.5 miles

Things came back together and started to log better miles

In the month of August I got 238.5 miles

In the month of September I got 244.5 miles

In October I got up to 290 miles

In November I ran another 5k and my goal was to run 23 and I ended up at 21:02

But then some time in the month my injury that hunted me for 2 years back in 2009 was back.  Now all I could do was run slow miles for as long as I could take the

In November I got 222 miles

In December I got a pain shot but we didn't hit the right spot so the pain continued.

In December I got 225.5 miles

My total miles for the year was 2243.5 miles

My goals are to continue to keep running and next time I get the pain shot if we hit the right spot get my miles back up and put long runs back in and run a faster pace.  My ultimate goal is to get back into ultra running but I have to take thing one run at a time.

Love of my life- My Yeti -Booster

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