Monday, June 2, 2014

Licking Kiwanis 5k- Improvement

So after my last 5k I had a choice to make- Quit running forever or try harder..I had ran a 25:43 and the only split I knew was a 7:49 mile....... I wasn't sure what I was going to do and for a few weeks I was just going trough the motions of running.  Then on May 17th, I decided to time a 1 miler timed.  I ran a 7:27 (3:43, 3:44) and this was the start to turn everything around for me.  The following day we went to the park and I was running about 2-3 minutes faster per mile for an 8 miler.  Then Monday, May 19th (right before my birthday) I went out and felt 2 things I never feel. I expected to feel worn out from my 3 best days of training... yet all I felt was STRONG and CONFIDENT..... so I went with it and came out with my longest run of 11 miles and I did the first 10 without help, but Dad found me with one mile to go because he was worried since it was a planned approx. 6 miler.  For the most part since then, and up until now training has been pretty good. I even followed that mile time trail a week later with a mile in 6:57.

 So with next week traveling to the DC area to see my doctor and then the following weekend my parents going up to see my brother, his wife and baby Rose.  If I wanted to take this good training streak and test it out I had to race this weekend.  So I found a small race that was an hour away.  Dad and I talked before the race and we set the goal of shooting to be between 24:13-25:13, which would put the slow end only 30 seconds ahead of the 25:43 from April 19th.  Of course you always hope you can pull a rabbit out of a hat and run faster but that was the goal.

Last Race- Sue Apple 5k on April 19th- 25:43 (7:49, ?,?,?)(turn-around-approx 12:45) 2nd Female; 5th Overall

So Saturday, May 31st we went to Newark to run the Licking Kiwanis 5k.  It is an hour away from the house so we had to leave the house around 6:45 am and the race started at 9 am.  I got there and started people watching and flipping myself out.  Then finally I spotted someone that I absolutely had no chance at beating*. So now the goal was all about my time and hopefully finishing in the top 4 because I thought they were doing top 3 overall and then only 1 in age group.... but they did 3... but I wanted to at least get an age group award so I thought to guarantee that I had to be top 4. *( Later I found out I knew the girl that I knew I could not beat.  It was a girl named Diana that I used to race a lot.)

When the race was getting to start I lined up back around the 4th row, because I knew I could not run with the top runners there.  The race went off and using my watch and not their splits (they were way off on my watch) but y first mile was 7:07.  As I was approaching the mile I noticed that there were three guys coming back towards me so I decided to start counting how many guys I could pass to the finish.  I passed one right away and never saw him again.  Then I caught up to two more men and when I caught the one he took off and I never caught back up to him, the other one I stayed in front of until the last mile.  But my 2 mile split was 14:54 for a mile of 7:47....... at this point the only thing I was thinking was 'what do I need to do to get in the 24s'.  Honestly I couldn't come up with it at all so I just ran.  My 3 mile split was 22:13 for a 7:19 mile and then my last .1 took 57 seconds for a total time of 23:10. (officially it was 23:11.267, but the was the difference from where I started)

I was 2nd female and 11th overall.  The course was as flat as can be.  The only negative thing is trying to run a 5k on a community college there are turns every 30 seconds or so.  It was a continuous maze that I couldn't run again after I finished if I had to.  This speaks to the organization of the race and the volunteers that people didn't get lost.  It was a spectacularly ran race, well organized and lots of volunteers on hand to directs us where to go.  The trophies were the biggest of any race I have been to.  They gave awards to the top 3 overall and the top 3 in each age group.  This was one of best small local races I have ever been to.

So I still have a long way to go if I ever want to run near my PR of 18:19 for a 5k (if I ever can get back there.... gotta just take it one training run at a time). But I would say that 2:33 of improvement from April 19th to May 31 is a pretty good start.  An even better thing is that I am still running and haven't quit even though I am running so much slower than before. Just gotta keep putting one foot in front of the other.

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