Monday, May 21, 2012

Rockin' on the Run 5k plus some things

-Going to write a report on my race.  I know that fewer then 20 people will read it.  I realize I am not fast anymore so some people could care less about me and what is going on but I am going to put it down anyways so I can look back on it oneday.

-Another thing that was brought to my attention is that they are some people that are saying awful and horrible things about me to my facebook friends.  I don't know who it is, exactly, but I know the 6 people that competely hate me and I have not talked to them or about them in 3 years so why they are saying crap about me? I have no clue.  I cannot stop them from saying these awful things, I know people have defriended me about it without even asking me about things.  I do apologize that these people that are part of my past history are bringing you in on our problems, they are not your problems so they should be leaving you alone and talking to me about it instead of slandering me behind my back to others. 

Now for the race:

ahh screw it

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  1. Sorry.. hope were happy with the 5K, regardless of how well you did. It was cool to see the photos of your mother walking it.