Friday, April 20, 2012

Starting Anew with a Time Trial

So I guess yesterday was the day I that would help decide if I was going to race it or not.  I knew is was coming but I was dreading the day- "The mile time trial."  Back in March when I was first going to try to race again I ran the course in 6:38 and my splits were 3:21 and 3:17.  However, since then I have done 2 fartlek workouts of 30 seconds and a minute in length.  So really not much and I have taken quite a few days off in the between time.  So I set my goal to run around 7:15 and since the mile I do is almost always into the wind we said 7:30 if it was strong.

So I push off this workout until as late as possible.  Finally I get out and warmup the 3 miles to the mile time trial spot.  (It's a straight mile down one country road)  So I start to pick up pace as I am getting to the mile marker.  (I am extremely nervous because I knew what was lying on this time trial.)  So I take off as fast as I can, which isn't too fast, lol.  The check my watch to my normal marks, which none have any significance of importance and can all be determined from any different angle at any spot, but I still check, nonetheless.  When I got to one spot that I know I can run at 1:45ish and I was around 2 flat I was rather anxious.  But I pushed on to the half mile mark.  When I hit it the time read 3:15 I was like ok, now restart like you are restarting the time trial over again for the last half mile.  When I got to the mile mark I hit my watch and read 6:31, so that meant I finshed in 3:16 for the last half.  I was pretty pleased with this run but some of the enjoyment came froming thinking I had only ran a 6:48 last time.  So I thought I had improved a great deal but then got home and found in actualality I had only improved 7 seconds in a months time.

So if I choose to look at it like whoa you only improved by 7 seconds in a month that is not good at all.  But I know what I have been through and the struggles with my depression and the lows I have had recently and how many days this has caused me to miss and then fact that I had only done 2 workouts, one being 5 x 1 min and 6 x 30 sec, full recovery.  I really have to look at it and think it was a win.  Yes maybe the improvement wasn't as much as I had throught but I really think that given what I have been through it easily could have gone backwards.  As I stated my goal was around 7:15 I was clearly expecting it to have gone backwards.  So I have to look at it as 7 seconds is progress in the right direction.

So this leads to the decision of my racing this weeknd or not (It will be my first race in almost a year).  I have decided baring nothing goes wrong in the next couple of days that I will go ahead and race it.  My dad and I probably have different goals in mind, we haven't talked about it yet.  I am thinking getting to the starting line is the first goal in and of itself.  So that will be the first goal to reach, going to a race and starting it.  Next to have a time goal to shoot for I am going to go with something realistic that won't be too pressure packed.  I think I am going to set my time goal at breaking 24 minutes.  I am sure my dad will have a faster time in mind but that's a different story to deal with. 

So I guess we shall see how things go this weekend!?!  Good luck to anyone else racing!!!


  1. Just be happy to race Amanda and take the result whatever it is as a starting point. Good luck and thinking of you.