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Summing up 2009 "Catch a dream and RUN....

To sum up 2009 there were some ups and downs:
Up: PRing in every distance from 2 miles-50k.
Down: Not getting a faster PR in the 50k
Up: Qualifying for 50k Worlds
Down: The actual race at Worlds
Up: USA 50k Nationals
Down: The last couple of miles at Nationals
Up: Getting first Marathon Win
Down: Total mileage for 2009
Up: Mileage in August
Down: Mileage in Oct-Dec
Up: Some of the ultra runners I met
Down: Some of the runners (ultra or not) I met that dislike me now

Races of 2009:
-Jan. 24th- Frozen Nose 4 miler- 1st Place Female- 10th Overall- 25:15- (PR at the time)
-Feb. 15th- Last Chance for Boston Half Marathon- 1st Place Female-9th Overall-1:30:12 (PR at the time)
-March 1st- USA 50k National Championships/Caumsette- 3rd Place Female- 13th Overall- 3:46:30 (PR) and (PR at marathon 3:06:37)
-April 5th- Athens Half Marathon-1st Female- 15th Overall- 1:24:52 (PR) (set PRs at time in everything from 4 miles up)
-April 26th-Toledo "the disaster" marathon- 2nd female 11th overall- 3:14:18
-May 25th- Lancaster Memorial 5k- 2nd female- 18th overall- 19:03 (PR at time)
-June 7th- Columbus 10k- 5th female-39th overall- 38:29 (PR) (set 5k PR at time 18:40)
-June 20th- Run for the Rose 5k- 1st female-5th overall 18:55(19:06)
-June 27th- Hyde Park Blast Elite 4 miler- 9th female- 24:38
-July 4th- July 4th 10 miler- training run- 1st female-6th overall- 1:04:55
-July 11th- Columbus Running Company Mile "disaster"- 5:42
-July 23rd- Suicide Prevention/ Touching Lives with Hope 5k- 1st female-8th overall- 18:19 (PR)(Course record)
-Aug. 1st- Lancaster Festival 5k- 1st Female-13th overall- 18:50
-Aug 1st- paced last 19.6 miles of the Burning River 100 miler-
-Oct 4th-City of Trees Marathon, Boise, Idaho- 1st female, 8th overall- 3:01:43 PR
-Oct 31st-World Trophy 50k- Gibraltar 3:52:38 5th place
-Dec 12th- Festivus Fat@$$ 50k- Columbus, Ohio- 3:56:59 -1st place overall

PRs set in 2009
2 miles- 11:46-7/23 (during Suicide Prevention 5k)
5k- 18:19- 7/23 (Suicide Prevention 5k)
4 miles- 24:22- 6/7- (during Columbus 10k)
5 miles- 30:49- 6/7 (during Columbus 10k)
10k- 38:29- 6/7 (Columbus 10k)
15k- 59:38- 4/5 (during Athens Half Marathon)
10 miles- 1:04:18- 4/5 (during Athens Half Marathon)
Half Marathon- 1:24:52- 4/5 (Athens Half Marathon)
Marathon- 3:01:43- 10/4 (City of Trees Marathon)
50k- 3:46:30- 3/1 (USA 50k Nationals/Caumsett Park)

Highs and Lows:
Highest mileage week- 93 miles (week of 2/2)
Lowest mileage week- 33 miles (week of 12/4)

Highest day ran- 32.7 miles (Oct 31st (worlds))
Lowest day ran-1 mile (Sept 20th (supose to be a 0...excluded 0s)

Highest month- August 352.5 miles (avg 11.37 miles/day)
Lowest month- November 228.3 miles (avg 7.60 miles/day)

-Ran 363/365 days of the year- (The 2 days I didn't run I was stuck in Airports all day to and from Worlds)=
of days ran for the year
-Total Miles for 2009- 3362.55 miles
-Average of all 365 days- 9.21(24657534...repeating) miles/day
-Average of 363 actual days ran- 9.263085399449035812........ miles/day

Each month breakdown:

January- 31 days total/31 days ran- 278 miles total- avg/day 8.(967741935483870 repeating)

February- 28 days total/ran- 255.35 miles total- avg/day 9.1196(428571 repeating)

March- 31 days total/ran- 289.5 miles total- avg/day 9.3(38709677419 repeating)

April- 31 days total/ran- 256 miles total- avg/day 8.5(3 repeating)

May 31 days total/ran- 280 miles- avg/day 9.04(838709677413 repeating)

June 30 days total/ran- 290 miles- avg/day 9.(6 repeating)

July 31 days total/ran- 315 miles- avg/day 10.(161290322580645 repeating)

August 31 days total/ran- 352.5 miles- avg/day 11.3(709677419354838 repeating)

September 30 days total/ran- 311 miles- avg/day 10.3(6 repeating)

October 31 total days/30 days ran- 270.4 miles
all 31 day average/day- 8.7225806451(612903225806451 repeating)
all 30 days ran average/day- 9.01(6 repeating)

November 30 days total/ 29 days ran- 228.3 miles
all 30 days average/day- 7.60 miles
all 29 days ran average/day- 7.872413(7931034482413 repeating)

December 31 days total/ran- 236 miles- avg/day 7.(612903225806451 repeating)

So to sum it up. I had some of the greatest moments of my life in 2009 as far as running goes. Such as setting all those PRs with my Dad beside me all the time, believing in me. I had some things I extremely regret. I met some of the greatest people, like Annette B., Kami S, Nick J and Eric B, just to name a few. I also saw some ugliness in some people that I had looked up to (actually quite a few). I made some mistakes that I regret. I did and experienced things I'll never forget. I shocked some people with my performances and some people turned against me because of my performance. I was on a competitive team this year but wasn't "good enough" in some ways to be on the Club Nationals team and that hurt. However, it just meant I got to get another overall win in an ultra. I got to travel on a plane in the first time in like 20 years and not just travel travel, I got to travel overseas. I got to run for the USA, in a jersey, I told people that was my goal when I first got into ultra running and people were telling me that basically I was nuts to think that and I pulled it off my first year in running competitive ultras, and qualified for Worlds in my first competitive ultra and my first 50k. I set high goals and met most of them. Had some disappointments along the way too (Toledo, Worlds ect). Have been dealing with pain in my left leg starting in late August and going through still currently having pain. It subsided for a short amount of time when I was in Idaho but had came back before Worlds. I tried to keep it a secret when it came back but after so long you just can't take it anymore. It still hurts me everyday. I've tried resting it and that doesn't help. I can feel the pain just laying down. I have had to battle my ED unsuccessfully. I have had someone set some new goals for me only to have them broken and had to set some new ones. I have some bad or painful memories. But then I have some of my best memories ever. I have learned people aren't who you think they are. I have learned that strangers can be some of the most amazing people in the World. I have leanred that your dreams can come partially true. (I made the trip there but the race didn't go as planned). I have lost some friends and been hurt by people I was close to. I have had to deal with my severe depression. I have had some amazing runs and some of the worst runs of my life. I've been betrayed by people, been turned away from people with no explanation. I have some runners that won't accept my friend request but do others and that hurts. I have made some great friends from people that I have met online. I could go on and on forever....... but will stop here. I hope you had a good 2009 and have a better 2010. and remember to "Catch a dream and RUN with it."

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  1. Congrats on an amazing 2009. I am sure you are going to knock 2010 out of the park!