Monday, January 18, 2010

My Take: Quotes 3

1. Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.

-To get started on something you have to have some motivation, even if you don't want to do it something will motivate you to start. In running it could be your love for it, wanting to improve, the peace it brings you, be around others, the feeling you get from it, the independence of it, health there is something that makes you get out there and get started. In recovery it's the wanting to get better, maybe you hit a turning point and realized you no longer want to live that way, you saw or heard of a friend that is extremely sick because of it and what is going on with her you don't want to happen to you, maybe it's wanting a better life, maybe it's for your family and friends, maybe you have worked through the issue that caused it and are ready to commit to recovery. Something gets you motivated to start whatever it is. In running it becomes something you do daily it becomes a habit and you continue to do it. You keep doing it for whatever reason got you started it is something you need to do for whatever reason and you just keep going because it is what you know. It is what you have learned to do. In recovery it's relearning things you stopped doing and consistently doing them over and over until they are hait and then you start to do it because it becomes what you know and what you are suppose to do and what will help you get better. So something will get you motivated to start but you will continue it, like a habit, because it's what you know so you keep doing it.

2. All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.
-If you are willing to go after something with everything you have, you can get it. If you have the courage to start something that you are dreaming of and continually work at it your dream can come true. So if there is some running goal you are dreaming of and are willing to put the work in it takes to get it then that dream can become reality. If you are dreaming of recovery and have the courage to choose to go after recovery with everything you can no matter how hard it is going to be, if you can see yourself getting better and are willing to put the effort in you can recover. "If you can dream it, you can do it."

3. If you have a great ambition take as big a step as possible in the direction of fulfilling it, but if the step is only a tiny one, don't worry if is the largest one now possible.
-If you really want something, go after it with everything you have right now, even if what you have is not a lot, give it your all and that small step you made to get it will soon become more steps and soon even bigger steps but you just give whatever you can give now with everything you have and you can get what you are after. In running if you have set a time or distance goal most likely when you set the goal it is not something that you can accomplish right then you are going to have to work for it. In running if it's a new distance you are after but maybe you are in the best shape right now or are coming back from an injury taking a small step past the distance you went last time is something. If you have ran a marathon and are going to try to run your first 50k but have never run further then 26.2 miles and are not sure you are able to go past that distance put your goal at getting an extra .3 in and trying for 26.5 miles. So maybe it's not that much further and you know you can go further but just aren't ready yet, you are just that much closer to your goal of the 50k distance. Every small step you take is going to put you closer and closer to your goal and soon those steps will become bigger and that 50k distance won't be anything and you'll be thinking of your first 50 miler. But it's the fact that you gave it your all to get to that goal even though you had to start small that made the victory possible. If you are trying to recovery just doing one thing differently then what you would normally have don will be putting you on the road to recovery. Even if you aren't ready to eat a full meal yet, just sitting down to the meal is a small step (well actually it's kinda big in some ways) but it is a step in the right direction to gt what you are after. To recovery you know you are going to have to take bigger steps but right now every small step you can take adds up and soon before you know it recovery is looking possible and the steps you are taking are getting bigger and bigger and you are handling them as they come and getting through them successfully. And before you know it ou might be able to say "I am recovered." So if you want something really bad and are willing to put your best effort into it no matter how small the step may be, it's taking that first baby step that will get you to where you want to be.

4. The finish line is just the beginning of a whole new race.
-So often we cross a finish line or come to the end of something and that is the end of it. If you did good you think wow that is what all my training was for if you did bad you think I did all that training for nothing. Instead when we cross that finish line we should be looking for what is the next race or thing we can accomplish. Like in recovery, you finished step 3 now you aren't done it means you are ready to start step 4. Something new is always awaiting for you when you "cross that finish line." There is always the next race, next goal, next step, always something to look forward to. Don't think of the finish line as an ending think of it as a beginning. You met one challenge now it's time for the next. Always be looking for that next journey to come up!

5. The secret of success is to put your heart, mind, intellect and soul into even your smallest acts.
-If you want to be successful in whatever it is you are doing, running recovery, etc... you need to put everything you have into it. Your heart needs to be your driving force, the reason you are doing it. Your mind needs to be made of what you are going to do. You need to use your intellect to be smart about what you are trying to accomplish so you can accomplish it. And your soul, your everything, you need to put this into everything you do if you want success. You have to feel it on the inside to be truly successful at something. If you set a running goal or a recovery goal and hope to be successful you need to stand behind t with your heart mind, intellect and soul. It has to be something you want to accomplish with you heart and soul. You need to use your mind and intellect to get you to successfully accomplish your goal. Put everything in to what you want and it shall be yours.

6. This is the foundation of success - having confidence in yourself and applying yourself with all your might to your work.
-To be successful in something you have to have confidence you can do it before you start and you must be willing to work to get it. Self confidence is extremely important thing to have whether in recovery or running. When I didn't have self confidence in running the mountain hard, I wasn't able to do it. The next week out on the roads I told myself i could run those hills and I was easily able to run them hard. If I say I can't recover then I never will be able to. But if I have confidence that I can recover and am willing to work hard at it I can be successful at it. So not only must you have confidence to be successful but you must also be willing to work hard to be successful. Confidence alone won't get you there. And you can work as hard as you want but don't have confidence in it you won't be as successful as if you do have confidence that you can do it.

7. Some succeed because they are destined to, But most succeed because they are determined to.
-I believe some people are just given or are blessed with a natural ability, and that is great, but that is not the majority of us. Some are just born with a "silver spoon in their hand." These people are destined to succeed. But for the rest of us if we want to succeed at something we have to be determined to by being dedicated, working hard and believing in ourselves and going out there and doing it day after day. For some people recovery comes natural to and they don't have an enormous struggle. Some people can afford the best treatment in the world to get better. But others of us have to work at it second after second always fighting against ourselves and our warped beliefs. Others of us have to have a mind framed determined to recover no matter what. We have to work hard for it every single second of every single day. And we have to believe we can recover to be successful at it. With running you have to be determined to reach your goal whether it be for distance and or time. You have to go out and work hard for it everyday. And you have to believe in yourself and the fact that you can reach that goal to be successful. So some people are naturally going to succeed, while others of us will have to be head strong and fight for it.

8. Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through the experience of trail and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.
-If everything is smooth sailing for you and nothing goes wrong that is not making you a stronger person that is keeping you the person you are. You don't have to be strong when you are really weak, you aren't going to fall apart to have to rise again. You don't have to fight for anything everything is coming naturally to you. You aren't changing who you are, you aren't growing as a person. It's the people that go through hard times of 'trials and suffering' that develop their character, for good or bad. A person that hits a trial can hit a low point and wants to give up but their character won't let them so they push on and are a stronger person for it. They can be down on their hands and knees so weak and not wanting to fight just wanting to give up and give in but in comes their true character and they become strong and never quit. These people that go through a rough time and persevere that inspire others. If they can successful make it through one trial they know they will get through the next no matter how hard they are tested. You see these people real character come out when times are bad. And they become stronger people because of what they have been thorough. This can be applied to running by the fact that people that are going through the race with ease and no pain(quietness) aren't really achieving something, even if they are winning, they aren't giving it their best most likely. It is those people that you see that are in pain and suffering that are able to pull and push through it that are successful and inspire others regardless of the front of the pack or the back of the pack. As they push through they are becoming a new stronger person. In recovery if someone is not struggling a little and not feeling and pain (so being in ease and quietness) aren't dealing with the problem. They aren't becoming stronger people it might look like they are and that they are being successful but they will be the first one to falter. It's those of us that pushes ourselves and go through dealing with the pain of our eating disorder and what brought it on that can become successful and recovery. They deal with whatever it is they need to and become a new person, they are able to inspire others with their recovery efforts. So it is not the person that goes through life/running/recovery with ease and quietness that inspire others, become a new person and are successful it is us that go through the trials and sufferings that do these things.

9. It isn’t who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you are not.
-This is true is so many aspect but once again I go back to the mountain story. Of where I was running with a guy that I was supposedly better then and I let him beat me up the mountain because I told myself I can't run hills let alone a mountain. And of course he beat me up. My ex-coach and him said he never should have beat me up the mountain and that I was in better shape then him. So instead of thinking to myself, who I was (a better and more fit runner then my partner) I only thought of who I wasn't (not a good hill runner). And of course this held me back as a runner. Sometimes I think I can't beat a runner and that they are better then me and not think about how much I have improved and where I really am as a runner that will hold me back from running my best. So they could actually be behind me at this race as far as where they are fitness wise but I tell myself they are better then me I should be behind them and that is where I will run( behind them). Even if this is minutes away from where I should be running, unless I am strong enough in the race to know that I am better then this and go ahead and go around them. But by not giving myself enough credit as a runner I hold myself back sometimes. Also in recovery I can hold myself back by saying I am not doing good enough I am not getting anywhere and I can't recovery, instead of looking at the improvements I have made and where I have came from and where I am right now as opposed to where I was. SO by telling myself these negative things I hold myself back from recovery. So you don't hold yourslf back by what you are capable of right now but instead you hold yourself back by telling yourself what you are not capable of.

10. Nothing in this world is impossible to a willing heart.
If you are willing to put your heat into whatever it is that you are after you can get it as impossible as it might seem if you are willing and put your heart into it it can become possible. This isn't saying that this will be easy NO! It is saying you have to be willing to do whatever it is you heart desires. You will have to work for it. You will have to dedicate yourself to it. You will have to live it. You will have to become it. Yo have to be willing to do whatever it takes and you have to want it in you heart. In running I have my goals for my 50k that seem impossible and ever being able to run my first 50 miles (this year hopefully) seems impossible, but my heart is so willing to do whatever it takes to make these goals possible. So I am going to go out to these races not thinking these goals are impossible but thinking that these goals are possible and I can accomplish them. With recovery if your heart is willing to go after it with everything then recovery can be possible. As I have said before you have to believe "With God all things are possible."

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