Sunday, December 13, 2009

Festivus Fat@$$ 50k

-So I will start out by saying I won overall in a time of 3:56:59.
-So since before Worlds I have been having pain in my left leg. In my hip, butt, knee, quad, hamstring and shin. So almost my whole left leg. I had pain in my left butt, hip, knee, hamstring and that lower bone on your back before I left for Idaho. Then when in Idaho the pain went away until a few days before I left for Worlds but I didn't say anything because I wanted to run. So I have been dealing with this pain since back in September but it went away for a few weeks then returned late October and has been back ever since in more spots. But I have just been pushing through and dealing with it, mainly because I haven't really done much hard since Worlds. I did that half marathon in 1:27 a few weeks ago, but as far as training goes I haven't done much hard. So the pain hadn't gotten intense as it was before Idaho when I was trying to do quick paced workouts on it and would be in so much pain my leg would lock and I was slowed down to probably 13 minute pace. I hadn't experienced that kind of pain for a few months. So I thought I was ok.
-So when my team decided not to use me for Club Nationals (don't ask) Dad found a 50k about 2 weeks out and decided why not go for it.

-So race morning comes, Dec 12th 8:30, and here we are in Columbus with my Uncle who is going to ride the bike with me and my Dad who has all the course mapped out so he could see me as many times as possible. Well we get our pre-race briefing and he tells us about the turn around spot and some other locations on the course. Thank goodness for Uncle Tom with the directions and him having, in his previous hay days running parts of the course (I would never have been able to follow it without him)(Heck we still didn't follow the whole thing somehow, and had to use the GPS to get the last few tenths in to get 31.1 miles(50k)). (But we did get it all in I promise!)( I wouldn't cheat myself like that, I'm one that would rather run 31.5 miles and call it 31.1 then run 30.8 and call it 31)

-Well anyways back to the race we started out and I knew one guy coming was hoping to go at least 4:00 if not 3:45. And I knew 2 good female runners that were coming 1 planning to do 26.2 miles and the other 20 miles. But no one started out when he told us we could go so I just had to look stupid and take off. It felt like a good pace and was right on pace with my National performance for the first few miles (6:48 first mile not out of control). At mile 7 I remember I was 49:10 so just over 7:01 pace and felt ok not struggling or laboring or tired just feeling the nagging pain in my left leg. But kept going. (Oh yea I should say Dad got out to see us on the course maybe 10 times, he ROCKS, but not so much at picture taking but I LOVE him anyways). Then I remember we slowed down a bit and I hit the half marathon in 1:34 plus. And somewhere between miles 12-14 I asked my Uncle to cut my leg off. I was in extreme pain but was pushing through it. Then I remember around 18 things just started to fall apart it was severe pain and by mile 20 my leg was locked in on a pace in the 8plus min/mile range and I couldn't get out of it. Even going down hill I couldn't. My Uncle was tying to get me to throw spurts in to try to unlock it but the pace didn't change. This continued until at least 25-26 miles. Then I was able to change my form or do something different because I was able to pick it back up into the 7 plus minute range for awhile. At the marathon I was around 3:19 so I knew if I didn't do something I wasn't going to get my "D goal" of at least breaking 4 hours. So I had to. At this point the pain was so bad and I had already totaled 7 extra strength pain reliever since before the race started. With around 3 miles to go of the course my Dad tells me the next guy was back about 3-4 minutes. So at this point I knew I was in trouble because I still had extra to add on from where me and my Uncle got lost. So I got to the start (it was an out-and-back course) and we had to do these little loops and I noticed the guy coming in hard but we managed to get to 31.1 miles on the gps before he finished.
-I really enjoyed this event and wish I would have had time to train for it to try to run it as more then just a fast training run. I hopefully can fit this on my calendar again to race in the future. I enjoyed myself, I only wish there was a way they could have marked the course we got lost a couple of times and took and extra set of stairs we didn't have to take, because you could have gone down underneath like we did on the way back in. We also went across the wrong bridge part way and one time on one of the sets of stairs I had to stop and wait for my Uncle because I wasn't sure where to go another time we came to an intersection and had to stop right at the split and figure out which way to go. So if there was some way it could be marked that would make it an A+ fat@$$ event. My Uncle thought he was going to hate it because it was so cold. I believe 17 degrees when we started with a 9 degree windchill. But he ended up enjoying himself and actually warmed up on the way back in. This is the first time he has got to see me in an ultra event. All in all (slow time, pain and all) it was still a fun event!

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  1. hey congrats on a great time. Be careful with that leg, though. You're risking being forced to run way back at my pace. I'd enjoy the company but I have a hard time thinking you'd enjoy going so slow.