Thursday, November 26, 2009

New Training Plan Goal... What's up next?

OK so a lot has taken part in the last month and now I am back to having my father as my coach. This means the goal I had set earlier this month now has to change because it is just not possible anymore. In fact I don't know if it was possible in the first place. I hadn't told many people it but I might as well now since I am not going for it anymore. I was going to train to try to qualify for the Olympic Trials. To do so I needed to get my marathon down to a sub 2:46. We feel that we are not possible of making this happen. So now we are moving on to a new goal.

The question is what will that new goal be?????
-try to get a faster 50k
-first 50 miler
-try to get on the 100k world cup team
-do my first timed event

and when I figure out which ...... WHERE?????

I might have more to say on this later so stay tuned.........


  1. I'd personally like to see how you do at the 50-mile distance. I think you can do very, very well. So, you might as well go with the first 50 miler AND try to get on the 100k world cup team as you GOALS.

    Have a happy thanksgiving.

  2. Thanks Tony, you reply means a lot. I'll let dad know but I think that is also the route he is thinking about too. The 100k team is going to be extremely hard to get on. We have some amazing 100k runners in the US.

  3. You can do it!! :) ANY time you have a race in the Tampa Bay area you should stay w/me! Kayla :)