Monday, November 23, 2009

Cleveland Fall Classic

-So last week we decided I needed to do a holiday race, but they were all too short, then I found the Cleveland Fall Classic Half Marathon on Sunday.

-My week of training was horrible. I had my worst workout in a long time on Monday and had lost my love of running had another bad workout Tuesday. So the rest of the week was pretty much a joke of training until Thursday I got the love back on a fartlek short 6 mile run. We had pretty much decided we were not going to do the race until this day and Dad still wasn't sure after this. So Friday came and the love was still there, I just went easy but I wanted to be out there. So I told Dad I wanted to go. So Saturday we headed up to Rocky River (?) (Cleveland) to pick up my race packet. Then headed to the Akron area to stay with my brother, Ryan, and Kendra because they were only 45 minutes from the race as opposed to 3-4 hours. (Thanks guys I enjoyed spending time with you and love your house.)

-So Sunday comes around I get up at 4:15 not because I have to but because that is normal. So I played on my computer and wrote some poems and got ready early. 7am came and we headed out the door to go to the race. We found the parking lot they told us to park in which was forever away from the actual race spot. We got there just in time to go to the restroom stretch and warm up then straight from there we had to walk over to the start area, change shoes, get gels ready, number on, stride throughs, ect..

-Before the race I had told Dad I was going to go out whatever pace the leading lady was. Well I followed that but have no clue as to what pace we were going because as we got to the mile mark the guy told us the time 5:50 but then told us that this was not the correct spot it was short. PHEW! (but then again that was the easiest sub 6 mile ever LOL). After the mile mark I just kinda pulled away. The course was a 2 loop course kinda out and back. But the bad thing was they also had a 5k start after the half marathon. And when the runners I was keying off of and the ones I was running with got to the intersection where 5k an half marathoners came together it was a taffic jam. I couldn't see the people I was trying to catch up to, me and the guy with me had to zig-zag everywhere to get through the 5k runners. It was truly a mess and my poor Dad over at the side when he saw me had no clue what place I was in. Until I told him I was leading the half. I had this one guy I called the guy in the yellow shirt. He was not liking a female running beside him, everytime I got up beside him he would spurt away then fall right back we were doing this for a few miles before he finally said something to me, so then we started to cheer for each other as we went back and forth until about mile 10 when I went past and he didn't follow. Then my problem was the last 5k I got myself in no mans land, like normal, and I saw at the turn around point I had about 2 min 20 secs on the 2nd place female, which was a different female then was there the first loop, so I knew she was strong. So I just had to not lose 2 minutes in the last 5k. Then I got scared because maybe with 1.1 miles left or so the half marathoners still heading out one guy started yelling for a Jennifer like she was about to come up and over take me and I thought this was going to be a sprint to the finish and we all know how that would have turned out. But as it went I pulled off the win in 1:27:26(unofficially,I started further back on the line and didn't start my watch until I got to the start line so I am not sure of the official), I am not exactly sure by how much but I think it was around the 2 minutes that I won by. They gave the awards right at the finish and I got this AWESOME looking trophy and a medal too. Then we headed over to the food and it apperared the 5k'rs had ate it all. And just as we were getting ready to leave they brought some more out. SCORE! It was a pretty good race. Had plenty of volunteers to help (thank you) and things went smoothly besides the first mile marker and the 5k congestion and confusion. Way to go CWRRC awesome job!!! Made it worth the drive. Thanks!

Mile Splits (I think some of these were off because I don't think I was jumping around so much pace wise)
1-5:50 (short)
2-6:49(long) (12:39)
3-6:24 (19:04)
4-6:37 (25:42)
5-6:28 (32:10)
6-6:39 (38:50)
Half Marathon- 1:27:26

Not quite the time I was shooting for (1:26). A long way off my PR of 1:24:52 but I think it might be my second fastest time ever.


  1. I am happy for you Miss Amanda! Way to go! I wish you continued positive attitude and joyous experiences! May you grow in health and with loved ones around you-you will soon exceed your PR for this distance!

    I too am planning a 1/2 in a little under 2 weeks....yet with a far different purpose: The MistleToe 1/2 marathon is about 1:45 from where I live and I plan to run in elf costume and try to get as close to 1:30 as possible (as my PR is 1:30:39 on this course...we'll see what pans out-certainly not a top finish! And that is Ok with me! Take care girl!

  2. If you keep winning races people are going to notice you and maybe you can get some more sponsorship. Once again welldone!

  3. Hi Amanda,
    I thiought I posted before but don't see it. I am in process of combining posts to new email. Anyway great job. I was at the 4 mile mark and it wasn't until seeing the pink pony tail that a realized it was you way way out front. I yelled from afar. I'm glad you had so much fun at the longstanding event of ours. I had a PR many moon's ago running 1:19. Those days are gone. Don't sell yourself short. I think your time qualifies you for the New York marathon. Incidently, it is a ceritfied course regardless of incorrect mile markers may have seemed to be. That happends. Anyway, reply if I can repost your blog to our newsletter, its a great testimonial and we need content.

  4. Glenn
    Sure you can use it. You might want to leave out the 5k and mile marker points. But no problem I had a great time. And the shirt was awesome and a unique color I like it. And my 'trophy' was one of the coolest ones I have received.

  5. Glenn if there is something more specific you would like I can write that too. Unfortuantely the only pictures I have are me at the finish with my 'trophy'

  6. Not every race can be a PR and even fewer are wins. Congrats on nabbing that trophy!