Sunday, September 13, 2009

Week Recap and News Article

OK so as most of you know by know I am fortunate enough to be working with the amazing Lisa Smith-Batchen, as a coach for the World Trophy Championships 50k. However, soon after we started training, my body betrayed us. Something happened and I have pain in the back on the knob on my left side and the pain then spreads to the hip and the butt and some other areas. So the past couple of weeks it's been trying to just get through it however I could. Last week however on Thursday is when the extreme pain kicked in. I was only able to come out with 60 miles for the week:

Monday- 10 miles (2x5mile loop stretch in middle)

Tuesday- 10 miles (2x5mile loop stretch in middle)

Wednesday-14 total- 7:45 am 8 miles "good" pace 57:51=7:13/mile :)

PM 6 miles- 1 easy-4 "race" pace- 1 easy= 26:50=6:43.5/mile :(

Thursday- TOO MUCH PAIN- 4 miles walked 40 minutes

Friday-7 miles(was suppose to do 8 miles but walk some but it hurt too muh to start up each time so I cmpromised and ran 7 straight)

Saturday-7 miles(didn't get to talk to coach :-( about what to do so I just did the same thing)

Sunday-8 miles (didn't get to talk to coach :-( so did what I had done before but needed the extra mile mentally)

So this was a week full of PAIN especially starting on Thursday. But somehow I got through and we pushed on for this week still having pain but doing different things to try to solve it. But it hurts if I run or if I don't run so I'm not going to stop something I love just because it hurts when it hurts at all times. So Tuesday we tried the first thing at not "easy" pace and went for "good" pace so see what would happen. And we went from there.

So Monday- again 10 miles (2x5 mile loop)- 50 minute walk

Tuesday- 11 total miles- 6 miles "good pace" and 5 miles "easy" but keep under 9:00.... 6 good=42:15 (7:02.5/mile) total time 1:22:52= (7:32/mile) definitely :)

Wednesday-12 miles (subbed) PAIN- suppose to be 12 Good around 7:15... couldn't do it too much pain wanted to quit whole time-1:30:06 (7:30.5/mile) too slow- :(

Thursday- 14 miles- suppose to be Good Pace 7:15-20 push hills- ended up 1:37:57 (6:59/mile)*This is the day I will compare splits with a run pre-nationals.

Friday-10 miles- Easy I guess nothing in my book.

Saturday- 15 miles-was suppose to be easy to good pace- but instead it was extremely slow pace-didn't time it just could tell

Sunday- 18 miles- after yesterday's slow pace I put myself back on the watch for some of it. I was suppose to do 18 but things happened and Dad was not able to get out on the course so I did my 10k loop we set up to simulate World Trophys' course so this was going to be 18.6 well you know me it has to end in .5 or 0.. well 19 was too much coach said 18, so I took .1 by going the short way out on the last on for 18.5...1st 10k- 46:33 (7:30/mile)...2nd 10k 45:39 (7:21/mile) overall 20k 7:26/mile. We arent going to even discuss the disaster that happened on the last loop- But still pleased none-the-less.

Ok now I wanted to look back in my book and compare the times I was running before Nationals. I thought I was way behind what I was running then but apparently not.

This is what I did for a 14 miler/13 timed on Feb 1st....(race was March 1st)

1- easy warm up














So for 13 miles= 1:38:36

So on September 10th ..(my race is Oct 31) I ran 14 miles in

1- 7:04






7-6:50 (got to turn around good goal became keep under 7:15 except mountain mile)








So 14 miles in 1:37:57

So when I ran 3:46:30 I ran a 13 miler in 1:38:36 and now I ran a 14 miler in 1:37:57

-I can't help but to think this is a good thing, a good sign of things to come (now I've probably jinxed myself)

It's been too long since I started writing this so I forget whatelse I wanted to say but wanted to show you the improvement and how my week had been going.


  1. Looks like you are putting it all together Amanda. Just take care of the pain issue before it gets worse, and follow Lisa's plan. Nice article.

  2. Amanda, I'm a fellow runner. I don't know the details of your pain, but it sounds like you may be dealing with a sacroiliac joint (or lumbar joint) issue that could be resolved with the help of a good physical therapist. I'd be a bummer to have this plaguing/inhibiting you as you try to progress instead of doing something proactive to take care of it. You are doing great! Strong heart Amanda!