Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Real Coach

I have this new coach
Who believes in me
I now have less then 2 months to make her pleased
It's going to take some hard work and luck I'm sure
But I'll run and run and run some more
I'll put my faith and trust in you
By doing whatever you tell me to
I might not get it right everytime
But I promise I'll work off my behind
I'll give it my all with every test
Although I might not be the very best
I'll lay it on the line with all of my heart
And be so thankful you have given me a new start
Others said "No, they couldn't do it"
Because of my 'secret' I admit
But you understand and trust in me
You promised you won't leave, You wouldn't do that to me
But I haven't given you a reason to stick with me
In fact I've given you a million to run and flee
I ask to many questions and I am poor
So taking me on is such a BIG chore
But you put up with it everyday
Even though I can be a HUGE pain
You put that aside and never compain........... (to me)
And you have brought me much missed glee
In one simple run, How could you do that?
But you know what you're doing and that is a fact
I'll miss you and your coaching when the time comes
When the Worlds will be over and all of that is done
But I am going to enjoy the time we have in hand
And listen very strictly to your big plan
I have a big goal and you know it too
I have so many dreams I want to come true
And with you I might get to see one through
But time will tell just like a race
You never know until you finish your race
Here is where 'll finsih my tribute to you
And all of the good things you plan to do!

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