Thursday, September 3, 2009

First Real 2aday

"I may be disappointed if I fail, but I am doomed if I don't try in the first place."
My amazing friend Laura P gave me this quote and it is so true because I could have easily said this is too hard and I can't do it and not have attempted it.

So I was extremely anxious and nervous about Wednesday's workout. I was doing a 2aday and that also meant running in the morning. I have never been able to run good in the morning and have always been awful at running twice in one day. Especially with the workout I had ahead of me were my nerves bad.

So the first run of the day was suppose to be 8 miles at a good pace. What exactly is good pace, well it is where you can have a conversation but still be pushing it (I think I have that right???). Well I talked to Dad before I went out and we agreed that 7:30 would probably be the right pace but since it was going to be my first timed morning run we figured just breaking 8's would be good. So I set off at 7:45 am (I got up at 5 something but had to have something in my stomach so ate the got ready and stretched) so it was 7:45 before I left. So I set out for 8's but that didn't last long(in a good way). I kept checking myself and asking, to myself, could I talk at this pace. Well here are my splits.
1- 7:49
4- 7:09
5- 7:14
6-7:18 (3:51 up mountain which is good since last time I was 4:04)
7-6:55(3:25) (slowed down after the half)
8-6:49(at worse 3:25 missed mark)(after previous mile swore I hit the brakes)

So 8 miles in 57:51/ 7:13 pace- So this was very exciting to me I was on an extreme high for a long time from this run. Because I knew I could have gone harder and that I did the pace I was suppose to. And I finally got a workout right for coach and a morning one at that!!!

So 5:30 pm- evening run- I had gotten extremely anxious for- so to calm them before hand I did what coach suggested. What she had suggested was I write a poem aboout the happiness I felt and take a "nap." So the evening run was suppose to be 1 easy- 4 "hard"-1 easy. So I went out on my 20 mile couse and back. I wasn't exactly sure what she meant by hard/race pace. 4 mile race pace or 50k race pace?????? With it being the 2nd run and everything I just wanted to break 7's. Here are my splits:
3-6:43.79 (13:30.54)

So 4 miles in 26:50 or about 6:42.5/mile- not sure just ok.

SO all in all one was good and one was ok. But this is definitely a step in the right direction for me. I thought I was getting myself out of shape the past few weeks but the first run was a confidence booster for me. Again I am proud of myself for trying.
"I may be disappointed if I fail, but I am doomed if I don't try in the first place."


  1. Congrats on the double! You are FAST!

  2. Thanks....but I am definitely out of shape.. my coach has her hands full.... I should have at least been 25 if not 24 on the 4 miler.... So she has a lot of work to do ahead of her to get me in shape