Saturday, August 15, 2009

Semi-Invitation to the World Trophy 50k- Season Recap

(The majority of this is from last week)

Wow what a week. I come home Monday from my team's practice declaring I was going to quit the one thing I love (besides family/friends), the one thing that makes me happy, the one thing live for, what I have been doing for 12 years. I was so upset I was running awful. (Training for my 50 miler at slower miles has put me behind everyone else. I have a lot of work to do) I was giving up but then I come home to find a message from a friend named Roy that wanted my email address so they could forward me the invitation to the World Trophy 50k in Gibraltar, Spain. Wow talk about timing from God. Then I 'patiently' awaited this invitation and well it never came until Thursday when it wasn't the invitation that I received yet but rather an email from the head guy saying by now you should have received an invitation to the race. Hmmm?? So I emailed him back and told him I haven't received it and he sent me a blank copy of what I should have gotten. And it doesn't directly state that you are invited it says "You will most likely be invited." It states this because there are still 3 races yet to be run with the last being Sept 19th. So it isn't official until then. But we have to email them whether we accept the invitation by Aug 31st.

Right now I am sitting ranked 13th with 3:46:30 (7.5 minutes out of 4th(3:39:00). The other American women that are invited Kami Semick (2nd 3:29:20), Jill Perry (6th 3:41:21) and Annette Bednosky (15th 3:47:59). These women are some great and fantastic women and runners, I am honored to be in their company, the weird thing for me is they all have sponsorships besides me. The American men that are invited are Michael Wardian (3rd 2:56:36) and Justin Fyffe(12th 3:06:49). Now besides Kami and Michael (who won the qualifying meet)(USA 50k National Championships- Caumsette) there is all a chance we might not get to go with 3 races left in the series. The website says it is inviting 40 athletes now whether that means 40 men and 40 women or a total of 40 athletes period makes a big difference.

For me this is a mixed blessing. I have been given that chance of a lifetime. But there is so much that is possibly stopping me from going. The first thing is I need a passport which cost $100 but in order to get a passport I need to get an Ohio license which I don't know how much it cost. Then what if I dish out this money that is non-existence and then don't get the official invite. The problem with money is right now I am down to $9 dollars from a race I won earlier in the month and I won't even tell you how much I have drained my parents back account to. And on top of this immediate needs, my shoes are dead both pairs. My body is aching because they are so dead and of course I have no money to get them, even with the generous discount I get from the Columbus Running Company for running on their team. They next thing to stop me from going is that we looked and tickets are like over $800. My Uncle Tom said he would help with what he could but I know he can't help with that much. The thing is we are fortunate enough to be getting 300 euros (approx. $420) but don't receive this until we get to Gibraltar. So you have to fork the money up upfront. We are lucky enough to be getting 5 days in a 'hotel' paid for. I am not sure about food, one page mentioned it and the other didn't. I also am not sure how we get from the airport to the athlete's village. I have so many questions left to be unanswered.

Update(8/17)- So I was told by the head guy to email him about whether or not we got the invite and I told him I hadn't. So well he sends me the blank copy of the invite and it says to let him know before the 31st whether we accept or not. So well I emailed him back, because I didn't have the email address of the person that was suppose to invite me saying I would go. And asking a question about the transportation. And then asking who I should direct the rest of my questions to. Well I got an email back that I took as rather rude. Telling me I just need not to worry about any of the questions until the invitation thing gets sorted out. Ok what am I suppose to do about that problem?? The whole email just gave off a rude feeling with it. This makes me feel like not wanting to go when someone can be so mean/rude to you for doing what you think is right.

But such a blessing this is in my life. I just don't know if this will all get to happen or not. I still can't believe this is happening. I can't believe this girl that was a 34 plus minute 5k runner that got all the pity claps time after time after time is being invited to an international competition. This is such a dream come true. Yes when I was running so slow I once dreamed I would be a good runner. I still have a long way to go to be a 'good' runner (depending on your term of the word, but to put things in perspective the American Record is 3:13 and I don't even know what the world record is). But still this is a huge improvement. Now I have done all the work over the past 12 years, besides he 67 days I was in treatment from June 20th-August 25, 2008. I have came a long way in a year too. When I started back up I was running 22 minute 5k's to now setting PR's in the 18's. (see below) Now it's all trying to pay off if things would just work financially.

Here is basically a recap of almost a year of running.

In treatment until August 25th

Aug 26th first day running Since June 19th

Sept 19th- Night Moves- 22:13- 4th
Oct 4th- Race for Vision- 22:04- 2nd
Jan 24th- Freezing Nose 4 miler- 25:15- 1st place (PR at time)
Feb 15th- Last Chance Half marathon- 1:30:12- 1st Place (PR at time)
Mar 1st- USA 50k Nationals (Caumsette)- 3:46:30- 3rd place (PR) Marathon PR(3:06:37)
April 5th- Athens Half marathon- 1:24:52- 1st Place (PR)- 15k-59:38(PR) 10m 1:04:18(PR)
April 26th- Toledo Marathon- 3:14:18-2nd place
May 25th- Lancaster Memorial 5k- 19:03- 2nd place (PR at time)
June 7th- Columbus 10k- 38:29-5th place (PR) 5k-18:40 (PR) 4m-24:22 (PR) 5m-30:49 (PR)
June 20th- Run for the Rose 5k- 18:55(19:06)- 1st place
June 27th-Hyde Park Blast Elite 4 miler- 24:39- 9th
July4th-July 4th 10 miler-1:04:55- 1st place
July 11th- CRC Mile- 5:42- too many place to count
July 23rd- Suicide Prevention/Touching Lives with Hope 5k- 18:19- 1st place (PR)
August 1st- Lancaster Festival 5k- 18:50- 1st place
August 1st- Paced Last 19.6 miles of the Burning River 100 miler

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