Friday, August 28, 2009

Changes to come

I'll probably add more later but I wanted to add it now.........

Big changes are coming you've yet to see
The best runner in me that I can be
I'm scared of the changes yet to be made
But it's time I take this leap of faith
I'll give over my trust to someone I don't know
But because of this I will grow
I'll be free of my past and the harm that was done
But won't be on this new journey alone
She'll be with me to guide my path
(And hopefully never put pressure because I'm too fat But I highly doubt she'll do that)
She wants to lead me to be the best runner that I can be
She believes in me and thinks I can go far
No one outside my family has ever thought that
She'll be like my mentor and show me the way
But I have to believe and follow her way
She'll tell me what I did right and what I did wrong
But can I stand the pressure that might come my way
I've always had my Dad to run to when it would come
But now I have to grow up and stand on my own
And give over my trust to something unknown
I don't have much time of this I know
It is dwindling down day by day
But so much work I have left to do
She's going to need a miracle to get me in race shape
To get me to the place that I'll run great
I've got a big goal of few I've told
I'm afraid I won't reach it and don't want anyone to know
It's going to take a drop bigger then most
I've got to work harder then anyone knows
I want to prove myself and be the best I can be
I've got about 2 months for it all to turn around
She's going to need a miracle to get me to my goal
Maybe I should change it but that's not something I want to do
I'm going to give it my all and learn to trust again
For there was a reason we were brought together
Maybe she holds the perfect plan that God and her have designed
Maybe she can erase my past and give me the chance to be my best at last,.....tbc possibly

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