Friday, August 28, 2009


Of all of the dreams in the World
One so big would be absurd
To be the last one in the pack
And have everybody laugh

To be the last one with all the pity claps
And be dead last on every lap
To continue to train really hard
Although I was told I'll never go far
My dreams were as big as the stars

I'd continue to train through all of the bad
Through everything that was thrown at me and made me sad
For all the words that would hurt
For everything I had to endure
For all the pain I hid inside
For all the times she made me cry
Through all the adversity I had to face
But never forgetting that one special place
Where all of my dreams of being good would escape

Settings would change and so would I
I found a new race where I could keep pace
But with all of the dreams I've had
No would could ever imagine God had this in plan
All of the dreams he has for me
Will we ever see how good I can be
I couldn't do it without him that's for sure
And now what's left is to see what's in store

He has given me a coach with a new plan
Who believes in me and thinks I can
That all of my dreams could possibly come true

How could I go from being dead last and called fat
To someone with a dream that was once called absurd

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