Sunday, July 26, 2009

Suicide Prevention 5k PR

I wasn't going to write this but then I had nothing better to do with my time and thought about it, I PR'd and I might never run this fast again. So here is what all transpired leading up and through the race. Brief summary of race at the bottom.

I had heard about this race and thought that it was for such a great cause but never thought about running it, as my training had been pretty rough. I had done no speed work, no tempo work and hadn't used my watch except for the runs on Mondays with the Columbus Running Company team, and my failed 25 mile at race pace that turned into a slow 14 miler. So training was definitely not there. Well the cause of the race stood with me and on Wednesday at 1 pm, the day before the race, I went out and told Dad I thought I might want to run the race because of the cause being so close to my heart. I told him I knew I couldn't break 19 but would hope to break 20. Well Dad said if I could handle not breaking 19 (he thought I could run 19:20's on strength) then I should do the race. So I told him I would think about it and went back to my room. Well it was a crappy rainy day and I was scheduled to attempt the 25 miler again but we pushed those plans back because of the weather. So as we were getting storms I debated as I tried to wait them out. Then eventually I decided that I definitely wanted to run the race because what it stood for and I knew last years winning time was only 21:23.

So it is hard to wait until 7 pm for a race. What a different routine and everything. At one point I wasn't sure if I wanted to run it because my weight was majorly high. But then my heart was just drawn to it because of the cause. Since the race was only about 10 miles from my house we didn't have to leave until 5:45 pm. We got there registered, I got a new sleeping shirt but was super excited because they had a homemade cookie and cashews in the goody bag. After checking in we decided we would check out the course. Mom had been in town earlier and had seen part of the course while doing earrings so we had an idea. Well at the start you couldn't do the very beginning because it was a loop around the park that goes through a service type road that is full of muddy potholes and then a grass area. Then you took a right out of the park and did the hill, then a partial loop and up a road around part or a circular road then cut it short and go up another hill on a parallel road to the one you came down. Then you took a turn and went down a hill around the 2 mile mark then back up the hill but this time only 3/4 the way up the hill because you turned off on a side road to head back toward the park and loop around the parking lot. So for as flat as Circleville is they managed a hill in every mile. So again the goal became clear of just breaking 20 minutes.

Well it was time to stretch and no sooner did I get out of the car did it decided to rain. Well Dad tried to hold the umbrella over me so I could stretch but that really didn't work. Luckily I had an old Boston marathon jacket in the car so I got it out and went and warmed up in the rain until about the last 2 minutes it stopped. So I changed shoes and what not. And we headed towards the starting line but this time I stopped at the restroom before the race as to not have another accident.

I got to the starting line and almost everyone was lined up but they were like 10 feet behind the actual starting line I couldn't figure out what was going on, then some local guys came up and tried to figure out why nobody was on the starting line so we moved up together. The guys were kinda shocked to see a girl on the front of the starting line most of these were high school, or young college age kids. Well before the race started I heard one boy ask the other what he planned to run and he said he hoped to be at least 16:10 and wanted to be about 5:10 the first mile. So the gun went off at first everyone took off then there was like a delay and the group of guys besides the first 2 just slowed down, so I passed them. Then on the next section the gravel/grass road some of the guys passed me back as we were jumping mud puddle potholes. So we make it through the grass section and out the park and up the hill. Dad had got out on the course and the way the course was he caught me on top of the hill then at the mile mark as well. So I got out but wasn't sure how I was running because last year the time I would have wanted to run would have been in like the top 5 overall and this year I was further back. But I kept going I got up to the mile mark to look down and see 5:43.29 (less then a second slower then the open mile race that is on a pancake course). So this was also a second faster then the 10k that my previous 5k PR had came from. So I just kept pushing on. Got through the second mile where Dad was waiting again and I saw 6:03 on my watch, I forgot to look at the overall time (11:46.57) to know where I was but I knew that 6:00's would put me exactly on my PR from before. So at this point I just took off down the hill as to try to restart and pick up the pace a little. I tried to use the older guy that was ahead of me and the younger guy that was ahead of me to catch up to, but on the uphill the older guy pulled away and the younger one was coming backwards. With about a half mile to go I was about to pass the younger guy which I really didn't want to do because I thought he would just blow back pass me in front of everyone at the finish, but I pushed on. Well coming down this road I looked down on my watch and saw 16:05 and didn't think there was anyway of getting to the finish in 2.5 minutes but then I went what felt like a long way and looked down on my watch and saw it had only been 30 seconds so now I thought I might have a chance at breaking that 18:40 old PR but thought it would be pretty close. So I took the last turn on the straight away and just kept running as I got closer I looked up on their clock and swear I saw it say 18:41, 18:42, 18:43.... so I just gave up, thinking close but not close enough. But then I got like a foot from the finish and noticed that 3rd digit was a 1 and not a 4. And I had just crossed the finish line in 18:19.86 a new PR, so 6:33 for the last 1.1plus miles. I had won the race by over 3 minutes and set a course record by over 3 minutes and had come in 8th overall.

After the race for my cool down I went out a half mile and brought a group of people in to the finish that swore I was trying to kill them. Then after getting them in I went out 1/4 a mile and brought another group of people in to the finish, by this time basically everyone was in that was willing to run it was just walkers left on the course so I went and cooled down the rest on my own. I got my trophy finished the cool down then headed home with Dad happy owner of a new PR, that I don't know if I can ever reset. I am getting closer to running half the time I used to run my 5ks in. What a great experience for a great cause.

Race- Suicide Prevention 5k
Place- Circleville, Ohio, Ted Lewis Park
Date- 7-23-09
Time- 18:19.86 (5:43.29, 6:03(11:46.57), 6:33(1.1plus)) Course Record
Place- 1st female.... 8th/161 finishers overall
Weather- Just after rain shower- 70's (?)- humid -a little windy
Course- 1 hill on each mile
Feelings- SHOCKED- completely not expecting this at all- So very happy- but leaves you to think what if you would have known and trained for it

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