Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 4th 10 Miler

Race- July 4th 10 Miler (Hilliard)
Date- July 4th, 2009
Time- 1:04:55 (6:29.5/mile)
Place- 1st Female- I think 6th overall (2nd female 1:07:29(closer then I thought), 3rd place 1:12:55)
Temp- 70's- Sunny
Course- Hilliard Bike Path- Basically flat maybe slanting at some places but nothing you notice
Award- Plaque
Feelings- BLAH more like a training run- Not a good race- Wasn't in to it- Never felt competitive-

We were suppose to leave at 6 am but again my Uncle was driving up with us and he was bringing his bike to try and get out on the course with me (which he was able to do after the mile mark) but was a little bit late. Dad hadn't decided until Wednesday that we were going to race. I have race 4/6 of the past weekends (now 5/7). We really wanted to take the week off from racing but how can you pass up a 10 miler, they don't come by every weekend like 5k's.

Pre- Race- Nerves/Anxiety got to me really bad before the race. As I was stretching my legs were shaking. I felt this the first mile so that didn't help.

Mile 1- 6:11- Way way way slower then I was hoping for. Was hoping to be sub 6 for the first mile. But at one point I had to take the lead of the entire race. I was pretty sure the guy I just met during the race (he introduced himself, Greg, he is on the CRC team as well) was faster then what we were going but they were playing around or something (he went sub 58 and won).

Mile 2- 6:19 (12:31)- Greg the guy at the time that was in 2nd place, and Rob (who is on team CRC and finished 2nd 61:48) all passed me. Now I was alone until right before the turn around.

Mile 3-6:25 (18:56)- already off of pace- knew I was in for trouble here- alone

Mile 4- 6:33 (25:30)- all alone

Mile 5- 6:43 (32:13)- WOWZA!- another guy passed me- here I thought I was in major trouble and going to slow down to marathon plus pace of 7 flats- saw at the turnaround I was about 1:30 up on 2nd place female-

Mile 6- 6:36 (38:49)- at least it came back down a little- alone

Mile 7- 6:35 (45:25)- still alone can hear a guy coming up though at a steady pace it has taken him a long time to catch me from when he first came into view behind me-

Mile 8- 6:34 (52:00) guy caught me- I used his pace for as long as I could just keep with him- and sometimes passing him and back and forth- knew from here I could go sub 65 if I had 2 sub 6:30's

Mile 9- 6:31 (58:31)- still staying with guy and going back and forth

Mile 10- 6:24 (1:04:55)- 3rd fastest mile of the day- the guy left me with about 3/4 a mile to go- he got a gap and that was it

Got to cool down some with Greg and Rob. Rob and I continued our cool down going back and yelling for everyone still out on the course. I love to do that. I still remember when it was me still out on the course and my Uncle would come back after his race and finish with me.

What can I say but I guess it was about time I had a bad race it has been since Toledo Marathon in April. You can't run a PR every time out there. To sum it up bad race, good training run and I guess maybe it's this attitude that has kept me from getting overly upset about it. I guess I am just thankful to God for being able to run and hey I got another win, too.

Hmmmmm..... Don't know if there is much else to say..... Did you race this weekend???? How did you do???? Good Luck to all the runners with a race this weekend!!!! Especially the Badwater runners this week and Vermont 100 the following.... And of course all of my CRC teammates at the CRC Mile Dash.

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  1. sorry you have a bad race. congrats on the win.. (: