Thursday, July 9, 2009

20 mile training run 7-8-09

I have not been doing a lot of distance runs and when I do I never time them so Tuesday when Dad told me that Wednesday we would be trying to run 20 miles at 8 flats I didn't think it was going to be possible. I thought there was no way I could go that fast. I thought he was crazy for even thinking it. Before I went out I had to ice my knee, it had bothered me Sunday on my run and then a little during the week. I also had like a muscular or something pain in my side back. But I just told Dad we'll try and see what happens if not then try again tomorrow. So at about 3:15pm with the temperature in 80's I headed out.

I tried to go comfortable at 8:00's for as long as I could

No stopping for drink and gels- grab and go from Dad in car

1st mile- 7:50- This is the only mile that has the half mile marked and I hit it in 4:00 so I thought I was right on pace. But also didn't know if I could continue that pace for 19 more miles.

2nd mile- 7:53 (15:44)- Tried to slow down my pace from the first mile.

3rd mile- 7:44 (23:28)- Could tell my legs had just felt warmed up and were ready to go!

4th mile- 7:58 (31:26)- 2nd half mile up hill

5th mile- 7:52 (39:19)- hilly mile

6th mile- 7:33 (46:53)- down hill mile- Dad was late getting drink and gel

7th mile- 7:54 (54:47)- drink

8th mile- 7:57 (1:02:44)- a little tough

9th mile- 7:41 (1:10:26)- easier mile

10th mile- 7:37 (1:18:03)- easier mile

11th mile- 7:34 (1:25:38)- drink and gel

12th mile- 7:27 (1:33:05)

13th mile- 7:33 (1:40:39)

14th mile- 7:47 (1:48:27)- drink

15th and 16 mile- 15:32 (2:03:59)- 1st mile up hill mile, 2nd mile hilly mile- drink and gel

17th and 18th mile- 14:41 (2:18:41)- missed another mile mark but know I had passed it before 7:24- 2 drinks

19th mile- 7:08 (2:25:50)

20th mile- 7:08 (2:32:58)

20 miles- 2:32:58- (7:38.9/mile)

1st 10 miles- 1:18:03
2nd 10 miles- 1:14:55

Oh yea, got a blister on both feet before 5 miles never told Dad about it until I got back and there was blood all over my socks and shoes.

Hmmm..... lets see anything else I'll add.......


  1. Blood on the socks! sounds like the title of a mystery novel lol.