Monday, June 29, 2009

Hyde Park Blast Elite 4 Miler

Race- Hyde Park Blast 4 mile Elite Race (Cincinnati)
Date- June 27, 2009 9:15am
Time- 24:38 (6:09.5 pace)
Place- 9/17 in the elite race(female) 11th/1205 in both races(female)
Temp- 80's hot and humid
Course- A lot of people said it was a tough course and that is all I heard about, although there were 2 BIG hills I didn't think the course was that bad at least not to 2 different courses I have ran in Maryland. I don't know even the Kenyan winner complained about the hill but I just didn't seem to have a huge problem (Well i don't remember one, more to come on that later) (Mind you normally I call a seed bump a hill. I have always stunk at running hills) (on a side note we did have 3 speed bumps we had to go over that were not colored and you couldn't see them a teammate tripped on them.) I don't know supposedly it is a tough course I was just rearing myself for the worse and was surprised by how it just felt like a fair course. Even though some of the to finishers are super slow compared to their normal races.

We got up at 4:35 am to head down to Cincinnati. We got there about 7:10 and had an excellent parking spot. So we went and got our number and that was a trip....LOL we waited in line to be told elite athletes have to go see this other lady. Well that got sorted out and we went back to our car with lots of time to do nothing so we sat there and then decided to go over to the restroom and that was a walk away. We got back and I finished up my breakfast (reduced fat PB sandwich and a banana). At 8 am we decided to go down and watch the start of the open race. I knew the girl that beat me at the 10k and the girl I barely beat at the 10k were in it. As we went down I ran in to Krista well I saw her and I knew who she was because she used to beat me in road races. I asked Dad should I go wish her luck, I really didn't know her just knew of her, he said yea. She was rally nice so we talked for awhile then we stayed together and tried to find the other girls on our team (Beth and Paige). We found them and watched the finish of the open race.

We warmed up and I didn't realize until now typing this that we warmed up 15 min too early for my normal routine. I wondered how we had 30 mins left until race start when normally I start 30 mins before the race warming up, I didn't figure it out until now. I think the fact that the race started at 9:15 threw me off. But it was nice to have people to warm up we followed a group on Kenyans and got in trouble a couple time by the police for running in the roads.

We hung out for awhile at the start. At the start our team lined up on the very back line. I had thought I was honestly going to be dead last. I was scared. The race got started and not a hlaf mile into the race I had "bladder problems" the first time ever.

1st mile-5:45- slower then I had hoped for especially since this was basically a flat mile.

2nd mile- 6:28 (12:14) was mentally prepared for this to be slow- before the race Krista's husband had said that the third mile was fast then he goes well maybe the 2nd mile was slow so I was mentally prepared for this. what I wasn't prepared for was my contact problems-My contact with up to the top of my eye and I couldn't get it back into place I messed with this for over a mile before I just gave up and went with one contact- talking freaky uneven feeling-apparently there was a big hill this mile but I was too concerned with my contact to remember the hill- still "bladder problems"

3rd mile- 6:02(18:16)- it was really weird came around the corner and looked up and swear the clock said 18:76, 77, 78 etc and thought weird or I had just ran a really slow mile and was suppose to say 19:16 but then got closer and saw that a tree was blocking it and it was actually a zero- passed a girl that had a guy running with her- he was in the mens race and seemed to have stopped to go potty then just joined her for the rest of the race- first girl that I had really seen since the first mileish.-still "bladder problems"-

4th mile- 6:21 (24:38)- the girl passed me back and this is the mile that had the huge hill so I thought there was no chance to get her back but then in the middle of the hill she started to fall apart and the guy with her yelled don't you dare walk this and then then we crested a little part of it and she looked up and asked if that was the top and then took off sprinting and that was it for her. Then there was a normal size uphill before the downhill finish.

Feelings- not sure how I feel- not upset- but not happy- just ok with it- My Uncle and Dad both think it was the best race I have had so far based on other people in the race- but it's not a PR

Team Results/Race- I am so proud of our team, we all did so well!! Way to go ladies!!

However what I don't like is the fact that at the race we were told we were 3rd and he'd mail us the money and it was posted at first like that online then later in the day everything changed. And a new team appeared that is called Cincinnati Track Club however 2 of them were invited athletes one from Kenya and one from Michigan and the other is a runner quite possibly he knows. This team did not exist until after the results were up. Also what makes it worse is with our first girl we could have beat them I am just not good enough to run with other teams first girls.

But our team went:
9th- Me 24:38
13th- 25:46
14th 25:58
15th 25:59

Some stats- The girl that beat me at Columbus 10k by 42 seconds was in the open race and beat me by 29 seconds this time so rather close proportionally.
-The girl I beat by 12 seconds at the 10k ran the open race and I beat her this time by 35 seconds

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