Monday, June 1, 2009

Disappointing 5k PR

Race- Lancaster Memorial Day 5k
Date- Monday May 25th, 2009
Time- 19:03
Place- 2nd female- 18th overall (worst overall so far this year Sunday will be worse though)
Award- $75

On May 17th I ran 5 miles with my Uncle Tom then he biked 5 miles while I ran 5 more. During the run we talked about the Memorial Day race that was coming up on the 25th and how last year it was won it 21:08 and Brooke was 2nd last year pushing the baby stroller in 21:16. At that point the race cost $10 but I didn't have that much money in my bank account from the 4 weeks I went without subbing so my Uncle said if I wanted he would pay for me (Later we found out the price went up to $15 the day of the race so my Dad ended up paying for it) But I had 2 problems on Monday the 11th my throat started to hurt and it became a cold/infection that I still have today. It really didn't effect my training until Wednesday. Then on Thursday I tried to do a workout of 10 miles with 3 mile at a good pace. Well I started out running and had pain in my right knee and hamstring but I pushed through the first hard mile and pushed on to attempt a 2nd hard mile then during that one the hamstring pain got too great. I had to pull up and slow down I decided to take the short way in and cut off 2 miles. as I slowed down my hips started to hurt. I was a mess I just thought it was a really bad day and let it go, until the next day when I subbed and nothing really hurt, so I got home and looked at my shoes. To my surprise they were worn out I had worn the back part of the rubber sole completely off them ( I am not sure how long i was running on them like this). With the cold and the aches I was not able to get in any real training runs the remainder of the time up until the race. (But my parents bought me a new pair of shoes on the 20th for an early birthday present)

Even though I had a cold/infection and the aches from the shoes we were going to do the race because the awards for the top three were $100, 75, 50 and last year the winning time was 21:08 and we knew even though I hadn't trained in days and had been sick and have not done speed work in years We knew I could run that time. Well on Saturday the 23rd, Dad had me do just 1 mile hard to see what I could do during my 10 mile run. I ended up running it in 5:51, I have not broke 6:00 for a mile in over 8.75 years. My PR in the 5k was 8.75 years old so we thought maybe I had a chance to go for it. My previous PR was 19:15.

Going into the race I set the goal of breaking 19:00 and winning and getting the $100. Unfortunately as we pulled into the parking spot I learned that one of those things would not be possible because I saw one of my new teammates Courtney Q. (She is an amazing runner and a 16:30 hopeful).
So now the race was for 2nd place and breaking 19:00. Well the wind was not much but just enough the whole last .85 miles that I knew I might be a battle to break it. I knew for the first mile I needed to be under 6:00 to have any chance to break 19. We started out at the very beginning kinda slow so I pushed the pace a little knowing clear and well I wasn't going to win but knowing that I needed that time. The school lane is .75 miles almost exactly I managed to hang with everyone and the lead pack for about .65 miles then this big gap just opened up in front and behind me. I was all alone (like normal). I hit the mile mark at 5:50 (all right I was on pace to break 19) Then I don't know but I lost focused might have been having a bad ADD day but I completely lost track of what I was doing the next miles was 6:17 now I knew there was no chance of getting under 19 but knew I still had a chance for a PR. so I pushed on. Then we headed into that little bit of wind there was. I saw my time hitting the lane with .75 miles to go and knew I need a sub 6:00 min pace to get under 19 and with the wind it wasn't going to happen but I fought my hardest. I started catching people on the way in or at least getting close to them. as I got in there I saw there clock and if I had done any speed work I might have been able to get it I just stared at the clock watching as I finish it flip over to 19 mins I finished with a 6:55 1.1 plus miles for 19:03. A PR yes but not as good as I was hoping for.

I learned at the finish that our guys there were three of them there went 1-2-3 (Eric, Matt, and Dave), and there were some good runners there and some from another store team. The 2 of us girls that were there went 1-2. So as a team the Columbus Running Company took 5/6 of the top spots and there were only 5 of us there. After the race I caught the group talking and they were going for a cool down so I asked if I could go with them as long as I could stay with them. Well staying with them was the thing. We went out and the slowest mile we did the first one was 7:30 and we jut got faster from there. I stayed with the group until the last maybe 100 meters when they started to pull away but one of the guys Dave stayed back and talked to me. Of course I ran behind the guys trying to keep up and Courtney ran beside the guys so i didn't get to talk to her. After the race I got to talk to her a little bit. She ended up running around a 17:50 with no competition and was upset with it knowing that her 10k pace is faster then that. but she also knows her training is not where she wants it yet because of coming back from an injury. Look for big things from her when she starts to get her training up to where it should be!!!

So to sum it up, it was my first race as being 27 years old and my first race as part of the Columbus Running Company's team. I finished with a PR at 19:03, not as fast as I had hoped for but considering the previous 2 weeks training and infection/cold not so bad. Didn't get the win or the $100 but got 2nd place and $75. So I am mixed about the race I am disappointed I didn't reach either goal of breaking 19:00 or winning but did get a PR. So I am not sure if I am happy or not. Two weeks to go of training for this short stuff and it's back to ultra training!!!!

1st mile- 5:50
2nd mile- 6:17 (12:07)
1.1plus- 6:55 (19:03)

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  1. Congrats on your placing despite the cold and injuries...I hope you're taking care of yourself adequately. :)

    Enjoy the new shoes!

    Happy trails,

    Connie :)

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