Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Columbus 10k

What can I say but I probably had the race of my life so far.

Race: Columbus 10k
Date: June 7, 2009
Time- 38:29 PR
Course: rolly
Place: 5th female 39/579 finishers overall
Award: $75 and pint glass

Well the day started off bad. My uncle was coming to our house to follow us up and I was going to ride with him. Well he was 10 minutes late and I like to at least be an hour early to races. By the time we got there we were 10-15 minutes late. Then we went to registration and that was crazy but we got out of there and by the time we walked back to where we had parked I had 2 minutes until my warm up should start. So I got a short stretch then while warming up I found out the race started at the other side of the building so I had to go tell my Dad and Uncle and stop to get my stuff for them to carry. Then I had to make my last trip to the restroom. So my warm up got interrupted for the 2nd time.

Then over at the start I was doing my run throughs and such on the one side of the pack where everyone that looked fast was warming up. My dad then told me that the star was on the other side so I had to make my way around everyone. When I got around everyone I found my teammates with the exception of Courtney our top girl, but I thought maybe she was still warming up. I knew she had bronchitis but it wasn't until after the race had started that I found out she wasn't running. So together on the starting line it was me, Jess, Beth and Paige. we were about a foot back off the starting line to start with, which is where about we belonged because I didn't know how the order would go but I knew the 4 of us would be 38-39 minutes. While on the starting line we got pushed back about 5 rows by a bunch of guys. (This is where the second comes in the time discrepancy).

So the race started off and there was this women that looked really good(I picked her to win before the race). She was from the second sole team. So we went off and at about a half a mile I was sitting in the 4th spot but I thought my legs just didn't have it I thought I was running 6:05-6:15 for the first mile because I was so far behind 1st and 2nd place. They had to have been like 5:15 and 5:20 at the mile mark because I ended up being 5:44 which was only 9 second off what I ran in high school. LOL. So I was like ok and kept going. But it was strange by the quarter mile mark my mouth was completely dry like cotton mouth. Well right before the 3 mile mark a girl from the Earth Drummers team passed me. Now I was worried because I was running first girl for our team and both of the teams I thought existed had there first girls ahead of me and there was no chance of catching the first women she was gone. But I kept my eye on the ED girl but she was running with a guy and I was so frustrated because I was alone. Then I saw the guy start pulling away from her so I tried to close the gap I closed it back to probably 20-30 seconds at one point but with the pick up she picked up another 15-25 seconds in the finishing kick. As I approached the 5th mile I knew I cuold not catch up to her so I started to relax.

So as I was just focused where I was I knew I was running a PR and at 30 minutes into it or so I looked at my watch and saw baring a disaster I was going to run in the 38's my goal. So I was just going along then just after 5 miles I see my Uncle come running up the road towards me as I make a left hand turn on to the bike path way from him (my Dad was trying to get theree too). But my Uncle screamed out probably the most important thing he could have at that point. He screamed think of the girls behind you. Making me realize somone is coming. So I told myself you have no kick you need to stay strong the last mile plus. So as i am trying to finish strong with about .2 left a group of people starting screming and cheering so loud for "Heather" I thought at this point I was done. I knew I had no kick and there was nothing I could do if she caught me, which by the sound of their voices seemed like it was going to happen any second. They were so excitedly cheering her on.

I didn't look up to see the finish until about 50 meters from the finish. We never passed a 6 mile mark so I was off on how close I was to the finish. And I just felt it coming I thought for sure I was a sitting duck but no. No one came. I saw the time and was so estatic, they annouced me over the loud speaker. I had finished 5th place female. And since Courtney and others did not show up I was first girl on our team. I got out of the shoot and found my Dad and Uncle to watch our team all pile in together. Jess, then Paige, then Beth. If it was a 4 girl cross country meet we would have won easily but that was not the case it was based on the top 4 girls times added up and well. Earth Drummers had beat us at both the 1st and 2nd spots but we beat them at the 3rd and 4th spots. Second sole ended up not having a team (Thank Goodness). So we had no clue who won until later at Jim Jurevich's house at his BBQ for the team. Someone asked and we found out our team had won! Later I found out we had only won by about 1:25, too close but we pulled it off. Had we had Courtney like planed (before she got sick) we would have won easily by about 5 minutes and would have beat them in all 4 spots.

Our Team went(I think):
5th- Me 38:30
7th Jess 38:58
8th Paige 39:21
10th Beth 40:07
(2:36:56 vs ED 3:38:21 vs another teams 3:42:38)
16th Jamie 42:32

Way to go ladies we rocked!!! Close finish but we pulled it off!!!! We all did awesome and almost 4 of us got our PR's. I already tried to discredit the course but we had a teammate with GPS and it came up exactly right. So our team did awesome!

I set some major PR's along the way.
1st mile- 5:44 (9 slower seconds then my high school PR from April 2000)
2nd mile- 6:11 --> 11:55 PR (by 2 second over my high school time of May 2000)
3rd mile- 6:08--> 18:04 PR (by 20 seconds over 5k race from May 25 2009)
5k- 18:40-PR --> (by 23 seconds over old PR set May 25 2009)
4th mile- 6:18--> 24:22 PR (by 49 seconds over old PR set during half marathon April 5 2009)
5th mile- 6:27--> 30:49 PR (by 53 seconds over old PR at same half marathon April 5 2009)
10k- (1.2plus)- 7:40-- 38:29> PR (by 56 seconds over old PR at the half April 5 2009)

I am so thankful to God for this race. I was hoping and praying just for even 38:58. And to run 38:29 wow what a blessing! I still need to learn to push myself or make myself feel pain. Everyone talks about how much they were hurting and how much it hurts to run and such. But I have only once ever felt that pain and that was when I finished 3rd at USA Nationals in the 50k. But besides at the end of that race I have never been where I just feel like the race hurts and am dead afterwards. I got 3.3 cool down but I missed going with the team but I found Paige and got to run with her some and then I got to run with Beth some.

The award ceremony was nice. It was out looking the river and we sat on these grass/cement huge step/bleacher thingies.

After the awards ceremonies a lot of us girls were talking and we had not really heard of the first 4 girls so I did some research to find out more about them.

1st Place- Sarah Flament- 35:30-
-Top Ohio Female at Boston with a 2:54
-Trying to qualify for the 2012 Olympic trials in the marathon
-Top American finisher at the Ogden 20k 1:17:40
-17:20, 1:22:40

2nd Place- Amy Robillard- 36:15
-This one threw me a bit I found results at a bunch of different states then I found ladies with different ages. So I think all I have onn her is a 1:22:58, 2:59:34

3rd Place- Katie Navarre- 36:30 a junior at Denision
-Track 2009- 35:58, 17:12- 6th place in the 10k at Nationals and 5th place in the 5k at Nationals
-Cross Country- 9th at Nationals

4th Place- Carrie Birth- 37:47
-All I can figure is she is having a break out year! The best times I could find on her were 18's for 5k 60's for 15k and 1:27's for the half

I would definitely have to say this was the race of my life so far. My Uncle said this is the best race he has ever seen me run. I was so happy with my race to finish in the top 5 and get money and then for our team to finish in first topped it off! What a great day in Columbus for a lot of us! The Columbus Running Company put on a fantastic race!


  1. Hey seriously good job out there. Looks like that was one of those days where the training pays off and everything just clicks. Now let's just hope I can emulate some of your speed tonight!

  2. Thanks.... Beth with the work you have done I see an 18 coming!!!! I have done no speed work and did an 18 and you are working on speed!!!