Sunday, June 21, 2009

5k+, Mud and Wind

Race- Run for the Roses 5k+
Weather- very windy and hot and humid
Course- Longer then 5k, included some grass and mud
Place- 1st female, 5th overall
Official time- 19:06(long)- 3.1plus time 18:55
Award-$100, big Plaque, gift bag (nutrition stuff)
Feelings/Thoughts- not upset but not happy just satisfied

Well my week and some started out pretty good then became a rough week.
Saturday- 20 miles slow just to finish
Sunday- just suppose to be a medium run day- 10 miles- 1:14:55
Monday- went up to Westerville to run with team- ran approx 8.83 miles at 60 mins for 6:47 pace(at times even faster then this)-2 extra on own-total of 10.83 miles- this would set me up for heat exhaustion which ruined the rest of my week of training
Tuesday- 4.67 mile- so slow couldn't keep anything down no energy super sick-
Wednesday- Just run (slow) except run 3 of the hills hard (3:30, 0:47, 2:57)
Thursday- suppose to just run slow but keep it faster then 8:30- Well for 8 miles on the loop course I went 1:03:33 (24:08, 7:50, 8:03, 23:31) tough one felt like I was going faster then 7:56 pace- BLah
Friday- 4 miles- 4x30 sec

So the week started off on a high note and then fell apart, no speed work no tempo no nothing later in the week.

Well we got to the race and they actually had a pretty good goodie bag! yea!
Well warm-up time came and i could tell from the start I was off. Earlier this week I had decided I really didn't want to run this race but Mom and Dad had already paid for it so there was no choice. So my warm-up went pretty crappy but I ran into my Uncle who was on the bike and we tried to figure out the course because it seemed to be different from what he remembered the previous year. We couldn't figure it out, there was construction going on and there were cones everywhere in the grass on the bike path in the parking lot we had no clue what was going on. All I knew is my legs felt heavy and sluggish. i changed shoes and got into my racing flats and did my strides well they didn't feel too good either.

So we went over to the start area and there were people everywhere nobody knew wherre the start was. Finally they are going to start the race and some lady realizes nobody knows where the start is so she takes us up to this grass section. Then we run onto the bike path but you aren't on the bike path for more then 50 meters before you have to get off twice because of the slippery mud covering it so instead you had to go down in the muddy grass. Well I got lucky my Uncle showed up he put on his GPS and rode to the half mile marks ahead of the race, I was off from the start. I had wanted to be faster at the mile then I was at the mile at the 10k(5:44) but nope I was 5:50. little bummed. I could hear no one behind me so I just started focusing on the guys in front of me not knowing who they were at the time. at 1.4 miles or so we went up a hill and a guy passed me(I believe the eventual winner) and my uncle tried to get me to race him HAHA. I actually held my groud though!!! So I just kept focusing in front of me when my Uncle told me one of the guys I was focusing on was a consistant 18:20-18:40 and on May 25th he went 18:37 at the same race I went 19:03. So I focused on him now and got to the 2 mile mark and it said 12:05 or 6:15 hmmm... Well the guy was ggetting closer and we were against a strong wind so my Uncle started to tell me when to surge because the wind would come and I wouldn't be able to. I passed the guy around 2.5 or so and my Uncle kept telling me I had to go because this guy kicks like crazy. well as you finish you get to look staright ahead at the finish line 50 meteres away but then have to make a right hand turn up this hill around a parking lot and back down then finish. well I thought for sure the guy would come bakk on the hill but no my Uncle said I stood my ground again. Well then I knew he would blow past me at the finish but no he never came apparently he finished 5-10 seconds behind me.

So I finished and they gave me a time of 19:06, I was disappointed with it, well not upset but just like ok, I can do better. Well I go over and get treats and stuff and talk to the guy behind me. he never runs 19's he was surprised to see that time and unhappy. Well eventually I make it back to my Uncle and he told me that 3.1plus was where he stopped his bike and I was 18:55 so the course was a little long. But they told us it was a certifield course but they had to alter it, so it no longer was, because of downed trees. So not to bad 18:55 I'll take it for the way I was feeling this week and with the way my legs felt pre-race.

I was less the a minute from winning the race out right and was over 3 minutes ahead of the 2nd place female.

1- 5:50
2- 12:05 (6:15)
3.1plus 7:01 19:06 but actual 5k was 18:55

Next up, next weekend, is a joke I have to run a 4 mile race for my team and we are in the elite race! LOL those women a crazy fast on a crazy hard course. I am going to come in Dead Freaking Last, DFL, but will take the hit for the team. After that I am not sure what other races I will run but the race I will be shooting for is my next 50k in August (although the 50k is 31.9 miles this time instead of 31.1)

Hmmmm,... I think that is it Good Luck to all CRC team members for next week...and all Western State ruuners

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