Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Race Nerves

Ok this is going to be scattered and all over the place but I need to get these feelings out. I have an upcoming race some of you know about some of you don't. I don't really want to announce it to everyone. I am extremely nervous about it. It seems like there are high expectations in place and maybe deservedly so. Before my latest performance in the half marathon in 1:24:52, April, 5th I was going based off of what I did at the USA 50k National Championship, 3:46:30 but if we break down my time I was approximately at 3:06:37 for the marathon. Everyone was telling me that with this time I should be able to break 3:00 for the marathon but I knew better because I lack the foot speed that guys have (and these were mostly guys telling me about this). Also before my best half marathon was 1:30:12. And because this calculator thing that computes it 5 different ways then averages the times has-
03:07:24 03:09:58 03:09:12 03:07:24 03:04:46 03:08:30
Which besides the 3:04 I ran faster then those at Nationals so I knew I could go faster then what it predicted, because at Nationals I really died hard at the end. So with all of that combined me and Dad set the goal of trying to PR and run under 3:03 and to do that I need to go 6:59 pace.

But now since I ran that 1:24:52 half everybody is telling me that I am capable of breaking 3:00 for the marathon, and that has become my Dad's goal as well. And this is what the calculator predicts-
02:54:38 02:57:11 02:56:59 02:58:56 03:07:01 02:56:56
So besides the 3:07 which I ran faster during the 50k it says I should be able to also. But I am really nervous and afraid that I won't be able to.

So maybe the 1:24:52 was just a fluke and I won't be able to break it. I am so nervous for this race it is weird. Maybe I feel added pressure because the race director gave me a free entry into the race. Maybe I'm feeling this way because I've had bad workouts this week. I don't know??????????? But I gotta go run So maybe I'll post more on this later. Any advice encouragement words of wisdom?????? Anything????

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