Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pain, training, 10k not meant to be and 20 mile fight

So for awhile now I have been having pain in the left side of my body. More specifically my left hip, butt cheek, hamstring and the outside of the back of my leg. This pain has been for going on for awhile. At first I thought it was because of the way I was sitting again so I changed that, and nope not the answer. Next we thought maybe my night time crunches so I have stopped them, no clue whether that has helped or not. But through all this I have had a pretty good last 2 weeks not mileage though. Here is how it has gone:

Monday 23rd- 8 miles 4x's 1 mile (wind and hills) suppose to be at 7:00's..... mile 1-6:43 (definitely should have warmed up) mile 3- 6:14 (3:10, 3:04 previously hadn't broke about 3:50 on the 3:10 half) mile 5- 6:40 (3:19, 3:21) mile 7-6:28 (3:08, 3:20)

Tuesday 24th- easy 10 miles no watch

Wednesday 25th- 9 miles wanted to focus on hills because my race in October might be hilly set up a new course that has 6 miles up hills for most of it- mile 1- 6:46, mile 3- 6:58 (hilliest mile ever I thought there was no way I would break 8 mins) mile 6- 6:23 ( just suppose to be uptempo what ever that would be on this new course)

Thursday 26th- 10 miles just suppose to run no watch needed but I put the watch on just curious to see- 1:13:26 (7:25, 7:20 7:24, 7:28, 7:20, 7:22, 7:17, 7:24, 7:10, 7:12)

Friday 27th- blah day- 8 miles-pain

Saturday 28th and Sunday29th- one day 5 miles the other 10 miles.... too much pain to get the 20 I was going for and the 10 miler day the wind was over 40 mph and it's an out and back course (mine and Dad's day differ in memory)

Weekly total only 60 would have been 80 like planned if not for the failed attempts at 20 miles

Monday 30th- 8 miles

Tuesday 31st- 20 miles-pushed through all the pain..... maybe I'll write more about this run later

Wednesday 1st- 8 miles 2x's 2 miles- suppose to be 14:00- miles 2 and 3- 13:28 (6:28, 6:50)- miles 7 and 8- 13:28 (6:42, 6:46)

Thursday 2nd- 8 miles- breaking in racing flats since we had planned on possibly doing a 10k- miles 4-5- 6:06.26... maybe I'll write more about this mile too

Friday 3rd- 8 miles- still planning on running a 10k this weekend

So as far as the 10k that was suppose to happen well Dad accidentally messed up the weeks on the race and it was last weekend. He was hoping I would go around 40:15 because we have done no real work to prepare for a fast race and I was hoping to go under 40. It must have been a good thing to have missed it because the course must have been different then last year because the male winner was only 40:36 and the female winner 44:05. So either I would have been trying to win it alone or the time would have been nowhere near what I wanted.
Now Dad is thinking about a half-marathon for tomorrow. There are 2 of them. One in Athens and one in Dayton. The Athens one we have to sign-up today so we need to decide in the next couple hours. The Dayton one has some amazing runners at it but we can sign-up tomorrow. He was also thinking of doing a 5k next week but there is only a 5k in Dayton and a 4-miler near Columbus on Saturday and there is nothing on Sunday. And the following week is too close to the possible race.

Now about the 20 miler we tried to do a 20 miler last Saturday but I was in pain and we had to stop at 10 miles and we also stopped because the wind was at over 40 mph and it is an out and back course. So we said we'd try again Sunday. Well Sunday came and I was in some major pain, we decided to call it quits at 5 miles and try to come back on Tuesday. (Dad has it being the opposite days) Well Tuesday came and I started out and for 2.25 miles it felt like someone was pinching my butt cheek and holding it. But then it let up a little so I went on. Then the pain also went down into my hamstring. But I pushed on determined and thinking it might get better. At the turn around I was still in pain but I pushed on , then at the 13 mile mark Dad would give me (what I didn't know at the time) the last chance to stop early. But I knew that this was do or die, if I wanted to run my race then I needed to push on and I said if stopping now meant no race coming up in a few weeks then I'm going on. Well to get to the 15 mile mark there is a big hill, apparently after I made it up that hill there was no stopping allowed. I ran out of Powerade Zero so we had to use a hot Coke Zero that was in the car. Well with about 2.25 miles to go Dad was waiting and I told him I had just had the worse pain I had, had thinking he would just have me stop at mile 18 and call it close enough. Well Dad had his Coach hat on and not his Dad hat on and pointed .25 miles down the road and said from there on in it's all downhill and made me go on. I eekked out the 20 miles and when I got home the whole night I was in pain. But then somehow the next morning I had pain in a completely different location. I had pain right below the knob on your lower back/upper butt. When I went to run all the other pain was no where near as strong as it had been but I did have this new pain. But maybe pushing through the 20 miler in the pain made some of the pain go away. Weird but seems true.

So here I am with no clue as to what is going on with my training as of what could happen tomorrow, next week, or in a few weeks.** Updated below

Oh and the coolest thing happened to me because of my performance at the USA 50k Nationals and finishing 3rd and with my marathon split I have earned a free entry into a race. Now whether or not I am going to use it, only time will tell with this pain and race plan.

Good Luck to all my friends running races this week. I can't name you all because I will undoubtedly forget someone there are so many people. But the ones I know from the 50k are Jill, Dave, Tony and Emmy at Umstead 100. And Kami and Annette at American River 50. But there are so many more fabulous runners racing this weekend I wish you all the best of luck. Remember you are strong and you can do it. You are going to rock it and I can't wait to hear about it. Unfortunately I was hoping to have been able to do the Chicago Lakefront 50k this weekend but some things just don't work out the way you want them.Remember to "Catch a dream and RUN with it."

** Updated as of typing this Dad has decided we are going to be doing a half marathon as long as my run today goes ok.

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