Monday, April 6, 2009

Half Marathon and PRs and race finishes so far this year

Well I did it through all the pain I managed to run the half marathon and not only run it but set a huge PR and some more along the way. Going into the race we figured if I had a really really good race and everything went perfect I might be able to run 6:40's and if I had a bad race I wanted to break 1:30 so I needed 6:51's I put these splits on my arm figuring I would be somewhere between the two. So on my arm I had the time of 1:27 plus and 1:29:49. About Feb 15th I had set my half marathon PR in 1:30:12. Yesterday, April 5th less then 2 months and a 50k later I took 5 minutes and 20 seconds off and ran a 1:24:52 (6:28.4/mile). ( I believe missing the course record by 3 seconds that I could have got anywhere especially in the last 5k, you'll read about that later) It's weird too because I was joking with Dad that since my Bib number was 946 I was going to run 1:26, knowing I could never run that or I guess it would now be more thinking I could never run that.

MILE 1- Well I guess I am still running the first mile because I never saw the mile mark, but what I did see and get ticked off was a girl jumped onto the course with a bib right behind me about 2:15 into the race- this was all on the streets of Athens

MILE 2- not sure of individual mile but overall -12:24- we finally entered the bike path somewhere in this mile- I thought last time I ran it we entered it way way way earlier

MILE 3- 6:21-18:45-
5k- 19:22 my PR is about 19:15 shucks

MILE 4- 6:25-25:11PR- I've only ran one 4 mile race but it was 25:15 so now I have a new PR- started fitiling with my gel to get it ready for the aid station

MILE 5- 6:30- 31:42PR- started to worry losing about 5 seconds a mile- Previous best 5 miler was just under 32:00 so again a new PR- GEL had to almost stop to get water then fumbled the hand off and dropped it got lucky someone was waiting further down with some

MILE 6-6:26- 38:09- Turn around was suppose to be at 6.45 but was actually at about 6.5- noticed 2nd place was about 70 or so seconds back- knew at this point that I couldn't afford to lose 10 seconds a mile
10k-39:25- previous best 41:01

MILE 7- 6:29-44:38- was suppose to take second GEL during this mile but forgot to

MILE 8- 6:26- 51:05-

MILE 9-6:37- 57:43- realize now that I needed to take my GEL back then and just had to suck it up and take it without water.- started to panic I was now losing 10 seconds a mile my mind went to thinking this was going to come to the final 600 meter on the track and if that was the case I knew I was screwed because most people can run a 600 in the time I run a 300.
15k-59:38 major PR just not sure what the other times I have run were, they were a long time ago, when I was no where, no where, no where near the runner I am now, but the fact that before I hadn't run a 10k when I was in amazing shape in under 20:30 minutes per 5k and just did for a 15k that this was a huge PR

MILE 10- 6:35- 1:04:18 huge PR- previous best was 67:53- This is where I made my fatal course record error First I noticed I just had a huge PR but then I noticed the fact that if I ran 7:00's to the finish not caring if the girl passed me I would still hit 1:26 which is WAY faster then we had planned on so from here on out I stopped my watch but didn't check my splits MAJOR mistake

MILE 11-6:37- 1:10:55- EEkkk

MILE 12- 6:43- 1:17:38- MAJOR EEKK girl why did you not look at your watch!!!!

MILE 13 plus .109375- 7:13- 1:24:52 At this point I had no clue where I was time wise not having paying attention since mile 10 so when I turned the final corner and saw I could get under 1:25 I about died I was so esctatic AND got to do something I've never got to do at all my previous race wins. I got to break the tape :)!!!!!!!!

Oh yea I led from the start and never looked back, that's how I like it. LOL

So far my races this season:
Feb- 4 miler- 25:15 old PR (1st Female, Top 10 Overall)
Feb- half marathon- 1:30:12 old PR (1st female, 9th Overall)
March 1st- USA 50k Nationals- 3:46:30PR (3rd female, 13th overall)
April 5th- half marathon- 1:24:52 PR (1st female, 15th overall)

Next up I have a marathon where I am hoping to break 3:03. Everyone else seems to think I can break 3:00 although I am not so sure??????

After that I am looking for a possible 50k in June or July?????


  1. That is so great Amanda! I guess apart from the hip pain you have become stronger from your 50k experience.Be happy to go into the marathon with 3:03 in mind be prepared to be surprised.


  2. Congrats on the win and PR! Thanks for the play-by-play.

  3. Great race and congrats on the win! My friend and teammate Mary finished right behind you in second. You've definetly got a sub 3:00 marathon in you, good luck!