Wednesday, March 11, 2009

USA 50k National Championships Write-Up

This is something I posted on face book awhile ago about the race..

Well here are just a few things about the race I'll probably have more later.
Well before the race on Facebook I had talked to Kami Semick and she had just planned to run in the 3:40's and said we'll probably be running together. So having no idea what she looked like I thought she was one of the ladies behind me running right on 3:40 pace I was going a little faster at the beginning. So imagine my surprise when one lady took off super fast at the beginning of the race but I was confused because she she had a bib on the back that said she was an open female division which according to the usatf website Kari is in an age group. (But then again they messed up with me and think that I am 35 years old, not sure how to get that fixed.) So I had no clue who it was I thought maybe Anne Lundbald (sp?) because I wasn't sure how old she was. But it never crossed my mind that it was Kari out there. But anyways I was running in second all alone except for some guy tat was about 25-50 meters ahead of me and I noticed with him that we were hitting almost the same splits (that is for the time i could do splits my hands froze up part way through and I couldn't hit the button) but for the first mile we were running 6:51 and the second mile which was against the wind 6:54 and running the 2.35 loop in 16:20's consistently. Well something got to me on one loop and I pressed the pace and caught up to the guy but when I tried to pass him he sprinted past me. So I hit the mile mark around maybe 6:41 and then he started coming back again and just as I was catching him We passed Nick Jakovic who I yelled for and he yelled keep it up Amanda, and the guy looked over at me and said "Amanda" and I looked at him and I went by and that was the last I saw of him.
So now I was completely on my own there was no one on the same lap as me anywhere in front of me. I had no one to pace off. And it showed. I majorly slowed down by almost 2 minutes a lap. But at the half way point I was on track to run around a 3:35 (thanks to Ray K for telling me that). I never got back on track. With about 5 miles to go some one, Jill Perry (who is like one of thee nicest people) passed me so now I had just over 2 laps to go and was in 3rd place. I couldn't pick it up I was stuck. Then the last lap dad told me I had to go or had a shot at getting caught. Well I went and it went fairly well until the 400 meters I happened to pass Ray K again and asked him to do me a huge favor we were just about to the long hill before the finish and I asked him to turn around and see if he could see anyone coming because I knew I was done if someone was and he gratefully turned around and told me no one was coming for over 1:30 back. He tried to run with me to help me finish. I was horrible I was on track to get in the 17's for the last lap then got to the last hill which is about .1 miles from the finish and I could not get up it. I seriously thought I was going to have to walk it and I never walk. It took me over 2 minute to get up the hill to the finish. Then I got to the finish and for the first time in my life I was spent. The guy giving me the Caumsett Medal had to grab a hold of me and drop all his medals and another guy got on the other side of me. I could not see straight. Everything was a fog, I couldn't think. I was so lucky to have those 2 guys then Jill, who I didn't know at the time came up to help me too. She was trying to get me to drink some sup but I couldn't. I was so dehydrated or had such an imbalance in my body that I couldn't eat. But she did help me get 2 cups of Gatorade. Then they wanted to get me inside the building and at this point all I wanted was to be with my dad. Also Ray K came over to check at me at this time, that was nice. I had him and Nick cheering for me every lap, that was really nice.
Well we finally made our way over to the building to get out of the cold. And just as I got in there he said let's try the women again and in second place from New York Jill Perry. Then in 3rd place Amanda Stickel from Ohio and I went up and got my USA National Championship Medal and my Championship Patch and my money/check. And they took a picture with me and the guy. I wish they had a podium and took a picture of the top 3 together that would have been neat. Somewhere in this time I met Annette Bednosky, she was really nice and told me about a 50k she is holding in October in Virginia. I also got to meet Kami Semick. I think I got a picture with all 3 of those ladies individually the top 4 and I also got a picture with Nick but I think that's all the pictures we took I think. We weren't even ready to go and they were like ok were are going if you want a ride to the parking lot get on the truck and first the guy almost hit both me and my dad. But I wish we could have stayed and finished watching some of the race but we also had a 11-12 hour trip ahead of us and a snow storm to try to beat. We beat it all the way up until Pennsylvania and we had some in Ohio too. But the race area got almost about 10 inches so we were lucky to get out of there. I just wish I could have cheered on other more. I also got to meet Michael Wardian too he was at the same table as us but I was afraid to ask him for a picture. He ran around 2:56. Last year he ran 2:55 for a course record this year it was a new course and they said that the winner would get the course record bonus so he should have gotten the $500. I guarantee had he know they weren't going to do that he could have gone a minute faster. The female winner Kami Semick went unofficially around 3:29 which is a course and I believe a National Championship record. Jill Perry, Me and Annette Bednosky went 2nd, 3rd, and 4th respectfully in unofficial times of 3:41, 3:46, and 3:47. Annette had a PR of 4 minutes her goal was to break 3:50 and she got it. Weather condition were not the greatest around at most a temperature of 30 degrees and a windchill of at most 19 and a steady wind of about 15-20 mph with some not much snow flurries. Oh yea I guess you could say mine was a PR too since I've never ran a 50k and I would have been around 3:06:37 for the marathon which would have been a PR too. hmmmmmm im sure there is more but i'll think about it..... but that enough for now.

Soe additional comments-
* Everybody calls the course flat or says it has just 2-3 hills. We'll if you count the hill at the start that means there are 27-40 hills in the race. I would definitely call that hilly. Espicially when It took me 2 minutes to get up the last .1 mile uphill to the finish. It was horrible I felt bad for my dad who had came over to watch me and help me. To watch me run up that last hill was torture. I probably could have been faster had I stopped and walked it, but heck no I'm not doing that.
*One of the later loops I twisted my ankle on even pavement. So now you know why I am afraid to run trails, also because I don't want to have a slower time which is inevitable. And the fact that there are major hills more like mountains on trails. And the stream crossings bother me. I don't have trails near me to practice on.
*That guy was Steve Hawthorne from Ohio
*Kami Semick, Jill Perry, Annette Bednosky, Nick Jakovic, and Ray K and Tony P are the greatest people ever!!!! It was a pleasure to meet 5 of you and to get all the information from Tony the day before the race major save to us.

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