Sunday, March 15, 2009

Updated April/May decisions?? 5ok????

So with having a slow recovery and getting a slight injury or just major pain or something plans have changed and some have been updated. The most I want to run is a 50k I think I really want to run a 50k but will settle for a marathon. So here is what I am looking at I need more 50k options.

I think this one is too soon.... after loosing 2 weeks to recovery/injury/ but I've heard good thing about it.....hmmmmmm
1. Saturday April 4th 2009- Chicago Lakefront 50k Course record 3:48:08 ....Results- last year-4:15:08, 2007-3:51:48, 2006- course record 2005-4:14:05, 2004- 3:54:04, 2003-4:28:43, 2002-3:55:24, 2001-4:34:25, 2000- 4:05:49..... Awards- * Trophies to overall top finishers, both male and female. Winners receive their trophies as they finish* An attractive medal to all 50k finishers * T-shirts to all paid participants There will be seven age groups: under 30; 30-39; 40-49; 50-59; 60-69; 70-79; 80 and over. Only the first overall winners receive a trophy. ......... Cost-$40-50....... Course- Consists of 3 out-and-back segments. The race follows the Lakefront running path. Mostly gravel with some asphalt sections. One of the flattest 50k’s in North America....... Positives- course, Could get an ultra win, it's a 50k, cost....Negatives- cost overall it's out of state, sooner then previously planned

2. This one is kinda far away and has a 50k a 50 miler and a 100k. I am not sure if you are allowed to change events or what but i don't think I would anyways.
Sunday April 26, 2009-The 35th Jack Bristol/Lake Waramaug Ultras- .......Awards- nothing mentioned ..... Cost $45-55 ...Course- The course is slightly rolling loops around scenic Lake Waramaug. There is a 2.2 mile out and back at the beginning of the race for all runners. The 50K runners will then do three 7.6 mile laps around the lake followed by a 1.9 mile out and back to the finish at the State Park. The 50 mile runners will complete six laps around the lake and finish at the State Park. The 100K runners will do seven laps around the lake followed by a 2.3 mile out and back to finish at the State Park...... Positives- word of mouth, loop course, 50k....... Negatives- cost to get there, no awards???

3. Need more 50k options??????

Narrowed it down to 2 of them. Toledo might be too soon depends on how the hip does the next couple of days.
1. April 26, 2009- Toledo Glass City Marathon- -Results- Last Year Winner- 3:16:09 (bad weather), 2007 winner- 3:04:38, 2006 winner-3:09:59, 2005 winner-2:56:08 (2nd place 3:14:05), 2004 winner-3:24:52..... awards-1st Place $500; 2nd Place $200; 3rd Place $100; 4th Place $100; 5th Place $50. Plus each will receive a custom embroidered jacket.... Cost $60-70.... Positives- In Ohio, fairly cheap, chance for money.... Negatives- not sure of course, only a marathon, earlier hen originally planned

2. Sunday May 17, 2009- Cleveland Marathon- Results- last year 3:07:27 (2nd place 3:09:26, 3rd 3:09:28), 2007- 1st 2:48:41 (2nd- 3:03:43, 3rd 3:05:05), 2006- 1st 2:50:24 (2nd- 2:51:32, 3rd-3:03:52), 2005- 1st 2:54:53 (2nd-2:59:43, 3rd-3:03:54), 2004- 1st-02:53:28 (2nd-2:57:31, 3rd-3:00:01), 2003- 1st 2:48:46 (2nd-3:00:31, 3rd-3:01:58), 2002 1st2:37:43 (2nd-2:46:22, 3rd 2:46:40)....... Awards $1,000, $500, $300, $200, $100 ...... Cost $75-95.... Course- fairly flat a hill or two...... Positives- In Ohio, good timing, Chance to be in top 5 with a great race ......Negatives- Word of mouth, Besides last year no chance to win, only marathon

and deep down in my heart I still really want to do
Sunday April 26, 2009- BPAC 6 hour distance Classic- Results- last year- 35.75 miles, 2007- 41.71, 2006-43.4, 2005-35.4, 2004- 36.29, 2003- 31.86, 2002-34.88, 2001-42.35..... Awards- • Finisher race mugs for all completing at least 8 laps (26 miles). • Awards for overall men and women, awards in Open, Masters and Veteran category for men and women. • All competitors with at least 10 laps will be listed in Ultrarunning Magazine. • Results and certificates will be mailed to all finishers and will be posted on the web.......Cost $20-25...... Course-3.25 mile certified scenic loop, P-shaped, paved, traffic free..... Positives- course loop, ultra, cost, chance to win..... Negatives- cost of going back to NY, not sure if hills on course, can i last 6 hours

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