Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Runner Survey from Facebook

I thought this might be a good first blog post for people to get to know a little bit about me.

If you'd like, copy and paste these questions into your notes, change the answers, add a question and tag your friends to do the same.

1. Number of marathons you have run
3 Marathons and 2 Ultramarathons

2. Where was your first marathon?
Detroit Marathon

3. Favorite Marathon course:
Well lets see I had a fever of over 102 at Boston... and a mental breakdown at NAIA Nationals... So I'd have to go with Detroit

4. Most memorable race:
2009 USA 50k Nationals

5. PRs?
5k- 19:15-2000
4miler- 25:15-2009
5 miler - 31:5?-2000
10 miler- 67:53-2005
1/2 marathon- 1:30:12-2009
Marathon- 3:06:37 (approx during 50k)-2009
50k- 3:46:30-2009
45 miler 6:32- didn't train for it...lol-2006
50 mile- i hope someday soon
100k- i hope someday soon
100 mile- i REALLY hope someday soon
24 hour- i hope someday

6. Ever run in a costume?

7. The only running shoes for me:
Used to be Asics Gel-Landerth now is Adidas SuperNova Cushion

8. Ever injured?
Maybe depends on your definition of injured

9. Hot or cold weather runner?
definitely HOT

10. Morning or evening runs?

11. What is your motivation?
Love of running

12. Ever DNF?
Once. When I was in high school I had knee problem and it was my first race back and I just couldn't do it. I cried more because my dad pulled me then the fact that my knee hurt.

13. Race I'd like to forget:
Too many... but mainly the last .1 mile at Nationals

14. Favorite post race nosh:
Diet Pop

15. Galloway or Higdon?
William Stickel

16. Flat course or hills:
hills if it's all down hill..... extremely flat

17. Back, Middle, or Front of the pack?
I hope the front!!

18. Run alone or with a partner:
Always Alone

19. Ever win your age group?

20. One part of your body that has never seen Body Glide:

21. Best part of running:
All of it.... but lately was meeting some of the greatest people at Nationals

22. If I didn't run I_______________.
would be fatter, I'd be in a wheelchair (knock on wood)

23. I can't run without______________________.
my watch even if I am not using it

23. Ever lose a toenail?
not yet

24. Gatorade or Cytomax?
Powerade Zero

25. Favorite gel flavor?
Powergel Strawberry Banana or Vanilla

26. How many days after a marathon do you usually start running again?
Next day

27. I run, therefore I ________________________.
run some more

28. Pre-race routines? (night before or morning of)
Superstitious things

29. What is your typical night before the big race meal?
Turkey Sandwich- one of the only times you'll get meat in me

30. Would you run a marathon again?
Yea I might be in May

31. If you could run with anyone, who would that person be?
My dad again, but that will never happen..... so then how about the 5 awesome people I met at Nationals, Kami Semick, Jill Perry, Annette Bednosky, Nick Jakovic, and Ray K

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