Thursday, March 12, 2009

Next Race Update

Need a race to follow up my first ultra performance..... what to decided by this weekend so I can start training properly.... any ideas or suggestions????? this is what we've narrowed it down to.........

1. April 26, 2009- Toledo Glass City Marathon- -Results- Last Year Winner- 3:16:09 (bad weather), 2007 winner- 3:04:38, 2006 winner-3:09:59, 2005 winner-2:56:08 (2nd place 3:14:05), 2004 winner-3:24:52..... awards-1st Place $500; 2nd Place $200; 3rd Place $100; 4th Place $100; 5th Place $50. Plus each will receive a custom embroidered jacket.... Cost $60-70.... Positives- In Ohio, fairly cheap, chance for money.... Negatives- not sure of course, only a marathon, earlier hen originally planned

2. May 3rd, 2009- Pittsburgh Marathon- Results Know they didn't have the race last year but I can't find previous results on it either- ..... awards- 1st- $4,000 2nd - $2,500 3rd - $1,500 4th - $1,000 5th - $500........ Cost $95-100...... Course- hilly ..... Positives- word of mouth from others.... Negatives- hills, to be elite you have to have ran under 2:48, different state so total cost, just brought back, only marathon, revious results??

3. Sunday May 17, 2009- Cleveland Marathon- Results- last year 3:07:27 (2nd place 3:09:26, 3rd 3:09:28), 2007- 1st 2:48:41 (2nd- 3:03:43, 3rd 3:05:05), 2006- 1st 2:50:24 (2nd- 2:51:32, 3rd-3:03:52), 2005- 1st 2:54:53 (2nd-2:59:43, 3rd-3:03:54), 2004- 1st-02:53:28 (2nd-2:57:31, 3rd-3:00:01), 2003- 1st 2:48:46 (2nd-3:00:31, 3rd-3:01:58), 2002 1st2:37:43 (2nd-2:46:22, 3rd 2:46:40)....... Awards $1,000, $500, $300, $200, $100 ...... Cost $75-95.... Course- fairly flat a hill or two...... Positives- In Ohio, good timing, Chance to be in top 5 with a great race ......Negatives- Word of mouth, Besides last year no chance to win, only marathon

4. Saturday April 4th 2009- Chicago Lakefront 50k Course record 3:48:08 ....Results- last year-4:15:08, 2007-3:51:48, 2006- course record 2005-4:14:05, 2004- 3:54:04, 2003-4:28:43, 2002-3:55:24, 2001-4:34:25, 2000- 4:05:49..... Awards- * Trophies to overall top finishers, both male and female. Winners receive their trophies as they finish* An attractive medal to all 50k finishers * T-shirts to all paid participants There will be seven age groups: under 30; 30-39; 40-49; 50-59; 60-69; 70-79; 80 and over. Only the first overall winners receive a trophy. ......... Cost-$40-50....... Course- Consists of 3 out-and-back segments. The race follows the Lakefront running path. Mostly gravel with some asphalt sections. One of the flattest 50k’s in North America....... Positives- course, Could get an ultra win, it's a 50k, cost....Negatives- cost overall it's out of state, sooner then previously planned

5. Saturday May 2nd 2009- Strolling Jim 40 mile run- Results- last year 6:40:12, 2007-5:47:18, 2006-6:48:14, 2005-5:35:52, 2004-6:00:30, 2003-6:02:13, 2002-5:44:24, 2001-5:43:47, 2000-5:40:14, 1999-6:00:45, 1998-5:32:07...... Awards Awards: Shirt to all runners, Gold Shirt Sub 5 hours... Cost $35..... Course- Gently Rolling with 4 small, easy hills. Very Scenic!! Soft base Blacktop. Technically, a road, but soft as a trail....... Positives- cost, distance, chance to win, .......Negatives-cost to Tennessee, hills look bigger then they admit

6. Sunday April 26, 2009- BPAC 6 hour distance Classic- Results- last year- 35.75 miles, 2007- 41.71, 2006-43.4, 2005-35.4, 2004- 36.29, 2003- 31.86, 2002-34.88, 2001-42.35..... Awards- • Finisher race mugs for all completing at least 8 laps (26 miles). • Awards for overall men and women, awards in Open, Masters and Veteran category for men and women. • All competitors with at least 10 laps will be listed in Ultrarunning Magazine. • Results and certificates will be mailed to all finishers and will be posted on the web.......Cost $20-25...... Course-3.25 mile certified scenic loop, P-shaped, paved, traffic free..... Positives- course loop, ultra, cost, chance to win..... Negatives- cost of going back to NY, not sure if hills on course, can i last 6 hours

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  1. FYI:

    RCVD via email from Pittsburgh Marathon ---------------------------

    Record Registration!

    We couldn't be more excited about the phenomenal number of runners registered for the return of the Pittsburgh Marathon -- 7,000 and climbing!

    This is a grass roots marathon, and every runner who registers is making a real contribution to the future of this event. We are 100% committed to giving all of our runners the greatest possible race experience, and so we will need to cap our registration soon to make sure we can serve you well on race day.

    We are telling you this first -- before we announce it to the public (tomorrow) -- because we want your friends to get in! Have friends who are holding off on registering? Tell them to hurry to avoid disappointment! Thank you!