Wednesday, March 11, 2009

May, October.... decisions, decisions

This is an old post from Facebook but I thought I would bring it here too.

So here I am exactly a week out of my 3rd place showing at the USA 50k National Championships. I think it is funny though, you can tell no one knew me at all because, I have been listed at 3 different ages with 3 different hometowns. In case you are wondering I am 26 and from Stoutsville, Ohio. Well I've already reported on that race. Still know there is a lot to learn and I could improve my race in a lot of ways.

Now the first decision, picking my next race. At first dad thought the Athens Marathon one because it's on an out and back course and I like them and it's mostly flat and it's low key but that is about a month after my 50k and I've lost this first week of training by just getting slow recovery miles. So that means I would have about 3 weeks to train and not really 3 weeks because of tapering and not fully being recovered yet. So we decided not on that one. Now the new one dad has came up with is the Cleveland Marathon. Last year it was super slow and there is money offered so you know this year there will be a lot of people running it. If I run it I would be hoping for a time of around 3:01 running the very best race I could run ( I almost feel I shouldn't say this because last time I predicted what I wanted to run people thought I was nuts to say I wanted to be in the 3:40's for the 50k and thought I was cocky or something and for some reason dislike me.Even though I knew I could run that.) I don't know if I can run a 3:01 that will be pretty tough of a standard but I ran 3:06:40ish for the marathon in the 50k. However with all this I am not sure I want to run this race I am trying to find a good 50k around the same timing and not to far away I don't have a lot of money, but yet I am still willing to travel but just don't think I cold go somewhere like to Fla??????????? Any suggestions????

My next decision picking my race for October. There is a 50k that Annette B told me about she is the race director. It's in Virginia and is on a "flat" dirt path. With not having trails near me and a lot of ultras being on trails this could be a transition to trails for me even though it's not really technical trails. And this could be an opportunity with 4.5 months of training after my next race to try to improve upon my first 50k and get a better time. However I thought I was going to do nationals and then step up in distance so the other race I am looking at is a 50 miler in PA. It's a pretty big race. But allows me to step up in the distance in the ultra world.

So as you can see I have a lot of decisions to make and need to make one FAST. Any help or input would be nice. Thanks Amanda Hope you are having a good week and your training is going well and good luck with your upcoming races.

Things brought over from facebook
*Some people seem not to like the Cleveland Marathon
*I am only up for a 50k or Marathon in May and I can't afford to travel that far
*October will either be a 50k or a 50 miler

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