Wednesday, March 11, 2009

First pain free run

Yesterday, Tuesday was the first pain free run I have had since finishing 3rd in 3:46:30 at the USA National Championship 50k race March 1st in New York. I had been having trouble with my legs and then the pain seemed ok but then I got some other pains later in the week in my legs so I don't think it was race related but am not sure and also I got dehyrdated 2 days in a row pretty bad. So since my race I had done SU(raceday)-31.5 M-3 T-3 W-5 TH-7 F-8 S-10 S-10 M-7 bad pain T-10. But evey day it's been slow slow slow mileage, so slow I would not even want to see what the watch said. In fact today or tomorrow whenever I start back to really running/training I am afraid so see what the watch says. But I feel like such a whimp because everyone else seems to be back to normal training. I know Jill Perry got in about 110 miles last week. And had one run of 22 miles. Other people I have seen are back do workouts and such. I am not sure what took me so long to get back to normal training but let's just hope it's for real. Now I have the race decision to make I'll post my old blog titled May. October, ... decisions, decisions. So you can rad about that dilemma.

Side note if was officially announced yesterday that Annette Bednosky (4th USA 50k Champs 3:47:59) qulaified for the WC 24 hour Championship race in Italy. I wish her all the luck in the world. I know she is going to go over and kick some butt and show them how it's done!! She is an amazing person and runner. Go get them Annette, show them what you are capable of!!!

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