Thursday, March 19, 2009

2:14 trail continued

So just as I was about to give up and go run my normal courses mom showed up. So I drove to the park. The loop is suppose to be 5 miles.... hardly... then there is a grass/trails/hill loop that is suppose to be a half mile.... hardly. Well I started off across the dam at Hargus Lake. The dam is a little more then .25 miles and I added the grass/trail/hill loop that is suppose to be .5 miles it was definitely less. So I was close to about .75 miles before actually entering the woods. Well I got into the woods and didn't last for 2 minutes and 14 seconds before rolling/twisting my ankle and kept going this is nothing new for me, I do it on concrete. ( I didn't feel the pain up the chin at first but did later). Well I continued on up and down all the hills, and they are steep and big, at least to me. The only trouble I had was at one of the little creek crossings there was about 7 rockes to jump on, well no big deal I though I just did some earlier. Well this was different, the rock were stacked on top of rocks and the new rocks were wobbily and spread apart for a tall person. Well I stopped my watch and extended out to the first rock and got my legs wobbily I reached for the second that was spinning all over the place. I was very uncomfortable. After what felt like a minutes I was able to put my hands down on the thrid rock, whch was wobbily and sneak both feet on to the second rock and then I stood up. And I tried to reach out for the third rock but it was just too wobbily and far out there. So I stopped and thought. I turned and looked around me I noticed there was a spot that I could long jump to (I did that my freshmen year) from there I could long jump to another spot and from there long jump to the course. So I turned around shaking and barely making it to the course went and tried it. No problem!!! So I went aroud to the approxmaite 4 mile spot but instead of turning around like I normally would I continued straight around on the "5 mile course." I arrived at what they call would be the 5.5 mile mark in under 38 minutes so I knew something was wrong. Here I was on trails and hills and grass running faster then sometime on the roads. Hmmmm.... So I knew this was definitely not true so good thing I could go by my watch and approximate it. So I got around and went out for loop two. No trouble on loop two but saw people I passed on loop one and I heard the one lady goes she is lapping I knew I was going a good pace but have no clue what that pace was. Next week I need to get out there and mark that course off.

But anyways I made it. My first "trails" run in forever. It was a hilly 6 plus miles on the trails and an additional 4 miles on the grass/trails. So I survived and only rolled my ankle once.

Well Gotta go time to leave to sub..... 8th grade english....... ekkkkkkk!!! Lord Please Help Me!!


  1. Hey Amanda...I haven't been on FB in forever and logged on this morning and saw the link to your blog - I love it!

    Congrats again on nationals and I wish you the very best in your future endeavors...

    Happy trails,

    Connie :)

  2. Awesome Amanda....I wonder who inspired you, it couldn't be me as self-centered as I am.